Blockchain webinar: 2Q21 insights from TBR's Digital and Services teams

Blockchain: 2Q21 insights from TBR’s Digital and Services teams

Transforming the economic engine one block at a time

Join Patrick Heffernan, Boz Hristov, Evan Woollacott and Geoff Woollacott for a webinar examining the state of adoption for blockchain as well as the impact on buyer’s digital transformation initiatives. The need for a community approach will require frenemies to collaborate but only if enabled by public-private frameworks. TBR will discuss blockchain-specific use cases through the lens of a multienterprise business network (MEBN) framework and unpack insights around the impact of blockchain on business models of technology and services vendors.

Don’t miss:

  • Key trends driving the evolution and adoption of blockchain, as well as the current state of the market
  • Use cases for blockchain through the lens of an MEBN framework
  • Overview of the ecosystem including implications to vendors’ business models and the role of blockchain as it relates to digital transformation  

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