TBR is a leading independent market, competitive and ecosystem intelligence firm specializing in the business and financial analyses of hardware, software, professional services, and telecom vendors and operators. 

TBR research analyst teams and competitive intelligence tools support strategic decision makers at the largest global IT suppliers. We provide our clients business-centric, vendor-focused analysis on a subscription and tailored basis.

One of the biggest tech firms told us we don’t understand its business and they don’t want to spend time with our relationship managers. We don’t work with all of its business, so the TBR benchmarks and landscapes are essential to understanding how the lines of business we work with are doing against the rest of the market. Knowing this allows our teams to bring value to the table.

With many people who work with our Global System Integrator partners, they won’t read detailed financials, but they need to understand what the priorities and strategies are of the GSIs, what’s important to our GSI partners. TBR’s quarterly coverage of the GSIs allows our Alliance Marketing team to continuously deliver insights that our sales teams use to improve relationships and achieve revenue quotas.

The quality of our Quarterly Business Reviews were all over the map. Some people spent way too much time understanding a customer’s financials while others were winging it. Now that TBR delivers the heavy lifting for updating QBR information, my team spends more time on what it means for us and what they are going to do next quarter.

TBR’s company-centric analysis is the foundation for our entire CI program. Our KLUE instance holds all of TBR’s intelligence, which supports tens of thousands of direct sales-makers and hundreds of channel partners.

Working with TBR analysts gives me and my marketing team a clear picture of how the market sees us and how our partners and competitors are perceived by other IT services firms. Your reputation for objectivity and independence is unique and very valuable.

What sets TBR apart from other companies we work with is their responsiveness. They are the first to respond to an inquiry and are always available to answer deeper questions. We can’t get that level of service anywhere else.