IT Infrastructure Research Reports

With TBRs IT Infrastructure market and competitive intelligence research, gain insights into financial performance, product and partner strategies of the world’s leading infrastructure vendors across server, storage, networking, hyperconverged and quantum computing markets.

TBR evaluates the intersection of infrastructure strategy and how vendors are adapting to broader industry trends, from evolving consumption models to expansion into edge and multicloud markets. Our IT infrastructure vendor analysis is complemented by customer research which details the strategies, priorities and challenges faced by infrastructure decision makers.

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Trends we’re watching in 2024:

  • AI-enabled infrastructure will create opportunities for new solutions.
  • Cloud customers are looking for ways to decrease IT complexity and cost.
  • Coopetition will continue to bring true multicloud environments closer to reality.


TBR’s IT infrastructure benchmark research provides clients a comparison of vendor performance in a market, including analysis on vendor strategies, financial performance, go-to-market and resource management. The research graphically portrays comparisons of vendors by myriad metrics, calling out leaders, laggards and business models.

IT Infrastructure BenchmarkIT Infrastructure Competitive Intelligence

Change in IT Infrastructure Over the Next 2 Years

In the quantum computing industry, 2022 was defined by the execution of development road maps and continued incremental innovations that were enabled by the momentous influx of funding from venture capital, governments and the private market in 2021.

Customer Research

TBR’s IT infrastructure customer research research decodes and provides customers’ true perceptions of vendors as well as follows the opportunity shift from legacy to emerging technologies and platforms.

Hyperconverged Platforms Customer ResearchIT Infrastructure Competitive Intelligence

Infrastructure Strategy Customer ResearchIT Infrastructure Competitive Intelligence

Market Forecast

TBR’s IT infrastructure market forecast research provide analysis of market opportunity as well as current market sizing and five-year forecasts, including analysis on growth drivers, top trends and leading market players.

IT Infrastructure Market ForecastIT Infrastructure Competitive Intelligence

Market landscape

IT infrastructure market landscape research includes analysis of an emerging or disruptive market segment or technology, including insight into how vendors and customers address the emerging technology as well as market sizing, vendor positioning, strategies, acquisitions, alliances and customer adoption trends.

Digital Commerce Market LandscapeIT Infrastructure Competitive Intelligence

Enterprise Edge Compute Market Landscape

Infrastructure Consumption Services Market Landscape

Infrastructure Services Market Landscape

Channel Partner Market LandscapeChannel Partner Market Landscape

Semiconductor Market LandscapeSemiconductor ML

Anticipated Quantum Application Timeline

Vendor Analysis

TBR’s IT infrastructure vendor reports, profiles and snapshots provide deep-dive analysis into a single vendor across corporate strategies, tactics, SWOT analysis, financials, go-to-market strategies and resource strategies.

Security and systems reliability are at the top of IT leaders’ priority list as organizations continue to navigate challenges introduced during the pandemic. Meanwhile, organizations are rapidly adopting cloud-smart purchasing approaches to strategically assess new projects and infrastructure investments.

Celestica Vendor Snapshot

Dell Technologies

Flex Vendor Snapshot

Foxconn Vendor Snapshot

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

competitive intelligence vendor analysisHitachi Vantara Vendor Profile


Inventec Vendor Snapshot

IonQ Vendor Snapshot

Jabil Vendor Snapshot

Lenovo Group

NetApp Vendor Profile

Nutanix Vendor Snapshot

Pure Storage Vendor Profile

Quanta Computer Vendor Snapshot

Quantinuum Vendor Snapshot

Wiwynn Vendor Snapshot

IT Infrastructure Vendors Leverage Analytics and AI to Enhance Sustainability Services

IT infrastructure vendors are moving beyond table stakes sustainability services around asset recycling to more sophisticated offerings that help IT organizations achieve specific goals, such as allocating workloads to optimize emissions or electricity consumption. These offerings will provide significant value to organizations that seek better control over their company’s carbon footprint; however, TBR believes the ability to track sustainability across multivendor tech stacks versus a single brand will ultimately provide greater value to users.

AWS Aims to Reinvent GenAI Through Infrastructure Layer, Platform Tools and Applications

While later to the GenAI movement, AWS, with its early establishment in cloud infrastructure, has actually been involved with AI for quite some time. In many ways, the company used re:Invent to raise its voice over the din of AI chatter and showcase the long-standing innovations that it aims to use to build new capabilities and play catch-up with competitors, namely Microsoft. The best example is Amazon Q, a business-focused assistant that is somewhat comparable to Microsoft Copilot, while more Redshift integrations underscore AWS’ goal of better connecting customers to other AWS services, an approach Microsoft is similarly taking with Fabric.