Quick Quantum Quips: Integrations and abstractions quicken quantum readiness

Welcome to TBR’s monthly newsletter on the quantum computing market: Quick Quantum Quips (Q3). Market activity heats up as more mainstream outlets begin taking notice of quantum computing developments as economic advantage nears. As that advantage nears, the integrations into the existing legacy network become more and more important for readying markets to exploit quantum […]

Aligning assets with partners’ complementary solutions: 2019 strategy may be critical for Wipro in 2020

As we look at significant changes coming to the IT services landscape and focus on agile shifts toward a post-COVID-19 world, strategies launched in the last 12 months may prove to be critical for some vendors’ long-term success. Understanding Wipro’s February 2019 moves can point to how the company might perform throughout 2020.  Wipro has […]

COVID-19 and IT: Pains, changes, pockets of opportunity

COVID-19 creates pain, change and even pockets of opportunity for the IT industry There is still a fog of uncertainty around COVID-19’s impact. What is clear, however, is this outbreak is unlike any event in living history. The long-term health crisis, economic disruption and social disruption are occurring at levels that were unfathomable just months […]

The number of IoT use cases continues to grow, particularly those with smaller-scale and specific applications

IoT projects are proliferating across verticals and geographies, despite the reduced level of promotion and discussion among vendors. Customers, and therefore vendors, are focused on solutions, and IoT is a class of solutions, not a solution itself. Customers understand the broad concepts of IoT and are concentrating on using those concepts to solve specific problems. […]

Establishing realistic expectations for AI potential requires vendors to address economies of change management first, technology second

AI is one of the technologies that will help standardize the digital transformation (DT) market and turn the wildly loose use of the term digital into tangible business results. Though the technology sparks urgency for many buyers to accelerate the execution of their DT programs, they need to carefully balance messaging with external and internal […]