Emerging hybrid scenarios, coupled with changes in demand brought on by COVID-19, create opportunities for colocation vendors

While slowing to single-digit growth, down from 10.6% in 2Q19, the colocation market continues to expand as colocation vendors address the shifting needs of enterprise and hyperscale vendors. According to TBR estimates, benchmarked vendors’ average data center services and colocation revenue increased 8.1% year-to-year in 4Q19 to an aggregate of $3.4 billion. Moving forward, TBR […]

IBM expands hybrid cloud activities by partnering with India-based IT services peers

Partnering with IT services peers and integrating Global Business Services and Global Technology Services capabilities will help IBM improve client engagement and increase cloud signings Hybrid cloud remains an area of investment for IBM as the company pursues transformational opportunities with clients. IBM’s recent investments in improving its hybrid cloud capabilities, most notably with IBM […]