Government investments worldwide will help accelerate 5G deployments as societies adapt to new normal

Key insights An increasing number of governments worldwide are becoming directly and/or indirectly involved in ensuring new technologies, such as 5G, are widely deployed in their respective countries. TBR’s research indicates governments worldwide will invest more than $2 trillion in the ICT sector over the next five years, starting in earnest in 2021. Of that […]

Leading enterprises are planning massive investments in DT over the next few years; 5G implicated in many cases

Drivers and Investments Several early adopter enterprises have opted for 5G versus Wi-Fi 6, portending a market shift to cellular. Leading retailers (e.g., Walmart and Walgreens) are adopting 5G and edge computing as part of their digital transformations (DT). Cloud providers (aka webscales) are focused on adding network applications to their cloud marketplace ecosystems to […]

Market disruption creates HCI opportunity as customers look to consolidate data center footprints

Insights Digital transformation increases the volume of data collected and processed by organizations, making IT environments more complex to manage. Hybrid cloud is often the answer to this challenge, and many hybrid cloud environments leverage HCI as the underlying infrastructure for private cloud instances. Microsoft’s play in the HCI market allows customers to keep their […]

Nascent trends in edge compute market should worry telcos as webscales disrupt incumbents’ business models

Key insights Webscales will leverage their own infrastructure, platforms and ecosystems to disrupt vendors and relegate incumbent operators to providing site access and backhaul services. Though webscales are posturing like they want to partner with telcos on new opportunities, edge compute partnerships between webscales and telcos to date are more exploitative than cooperative in nature. […]

Hybrid delivery models, diversified partnerships and expanded portfolios alleviate vendor revenue pressures

Key Insights Hybrid delivery — Virtual selling and management consulting service delivery replace face-to-face interactions between vendors, clients and partners. Partnerships — Emerging technologies necessitate more complex ecosystems, pressuring all players in the IT services space to partner differently. Portfolio expansion — Vendors are establishing applications and infrastructure managed services capabilities to provide design-build-run solutions. […]

Collaboration is key to the advancement of quantum computing technology

Key Insights Commercialization is both a challenge and a solution in the quantum space. Commercializing systems will help alleviate some of the anticipated investment shortages as investors want faster ROI than the quantum landscape road map can promise. Training can help end customers better understand the practical uses for quantum computing, as well as the […]