Returning to a co-CEO structure completes the executive refresh to support SAP in the ongoing cloud war

Bill McDermott chose not to renew his contract as SAP CEO, making room for SAP to return to its co-CEO structure with Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein. This changing of the guard is the capstone on SAP’s management realignment, and the announcement comes with some glaring similarities to key ERP challenger Oracle’s announcement a month […]

Digital Transformation Insights: What do we mean by ‘cross vendor’?

As part of our Digital Transformation Insights portfolio, twice this year we’ve published cross vendor reports, narrowing our analysis down to a few select vendors while staying within the context of digital transformation. In the first report, we put Accenture and IBM side by side — looking at the two companies’ past, present and future […]

Top growing consultancies lean into emerging technologies

Twice a year TBR publishes its Management Consulting Benchmark, which provides key service line, regional, vertical and operational data and analysis for 13 leading management consulting vendors. The benchmark also includes deep dives into 11 of the 13 vendors. This week, TBR will publish insights into two of those vendors: IBM and EY. “IBM is […]

Relaunched Security Benchmark highlights emerging security trends

TBR’s Security Benchmark makes its return to the data center portfolio this week, covering many of the current trends impacting the enterprise security market. With a new look and feel, the Security Benchmark now covers insights into emerging security trends, in addition to the traditional eight TBR segments of the enterprise security market. For example, […]

Acquisitions and internal changes strengthen Capgemini in consulting

Every spring and fall, TBR releases a Management Consulting Benchmark with details on 13 leading vendors, including strategies, performance, positioning, and expectations for the next few years. For most of those consultancies, TBR also publishes individual profiles, providing additional details and analysis. The first of those profiles, on Capgemini, will be released this week, with […]