Turmoil in IT services: Talent, org charts and acquisitions

Learn whether talent will remain a headache in the IT services space for the remainder of 2022 and into next year

Why are Deloitte’s, Accenture’s and TCS’ revenues per hyperscaler practice much higher than the benchmarked average?

Learn why TBR’s data shows Accenture’s revenues per hyperscaler practice are much higher than our benchmarked average


Demand pull and cost push: Two sides of the inflation coin

A nonfactor for decades, inflation is now being parsed into demand pull and cost push, and pricing analysts are having to adjust.

SAP use case reveals big things for PwC

In early 2022 a PwC use case drew TBR’s attention, particularly its assertion that “PwC and SAP co-developed a process to allow clients to migrate to SAP’s Group Reporting module at any point in the year.”

Global IT talent: Accelerated hiring for IT services counters persistent attrition

In TBR’s latest Global Delivery Benchmark, one particular number leapt out as both surprising and indicative of the sustained battle for technology talent.

IBM Quantum offers incremental improvements to commercializing exponential technology

Two of IBM’s core quantum offerings are of particular interest, as each is indicative of the growing market interest in becoming quantum ready and in trialing different prototypes ahead of the development of commercial-grade quantum computing capabilities.

Russia-Ukraine war blog series

Russia-Ukraine war: Talking talent and leadership

If the conflict in Ukraine remains hot, labor unions may kick into higher gear, extracting additional concessions and making it more costly for companies to exit any European market.

Russia-Ukraine war blog series

Russia-Ukraine war: Is Saudi Arabia’s consideration of the yuan the camel’s nose under the tent of U.S. economic sanctions policy?

As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, analysts monitoring the war’s global repercussions have also noted Saudi Arabia intriguingly stating the kingdom would consider accepting yuan payments for oil sold to China.

Russia-Ukraine war blog series

Russia-Ukraine war: 3 factors critical to IT services vendors and consultancies

Expecting little change but some opportunities in the near term In the near term, ceased or slowed operations in Russia and Belarus will not significantly affect the revenues or strategic directions of most IT services vendors and management consultancies. Firms will stay clear of Russia, understanding any lost revenues will be well worth forgoing to […]

Atos: Digital twin enables decarbonization

At scale, digital twin is a sustainability play “Digital twin is a decarbonization enabler” and in the next five years “people will generate carbon credits out of digital twin.” Sandeep Bhan, Atos’ global senior expert on digital twin made those assertions at the end of a LinkedIn webinar today in response to TBR’s question about […]