About TBR (Technology Business Research Inc)

If you’re involved in the business of technology, TBR services can support you.

TBR analysts and consultants are both technologists and business people. We come to work each day to help the largest IT, telecom and professional services firms solve business challenges. Our team is opinionated and forward-thinking, but our conclusions and recommendations are always centered on a strong foundation of business data, from financial modeling to customer data. Our analysts not only understand technology markets but are also experts in the companies that move and shape those markets. And our deep operational understanding of these companies helps our clients make better decisions to support their business outcomes. We are empathetic and flexible, and we understand you have time constraints, enormous workloads and changing priorities. We’re here to be of service.

Our History

In our 20-plus years as a company, our mission has never changed. We started out providing insights into the business of technology, and we continue down that path today. What has changed, is the need and relevance for what we do has never been more apparent. As business models shift and innovation meets capital at a staggering velocity, TBR is here for you with data and insights.

We’ve built up knowledge, capabilities and processes to help you achieve successful business outcomes. Since 1996 we have evaluated technology companies through a business lens, incorporating quantitative data and our comprehensive understanding of the technology, telecom and professional services markets.

Our approach delivers insight and actionable, strategic analyses that enable you to make well-supported business decisions that drive results, impacting growth and your bottom line. TBR’s holistic view identifies not only what trends and issues are important but also how they will affect your business.

How We’re Different

TBR’s focus on the business of technology sets us apart. You receive analysis and insights contextualized for your business. Our clients tell us TBR isn’t like other market research firms. We’re positioned between traditional market research firms and management consultants. Like our logo, the compass, we provide direction and support for the most vital business decisions facing the players in IT, telecom and professional services markets. You will receive deliverables built on a foundation of fundamental business data, supported by rigor and expertise.

Research Services

TBR’s research services are a lens into the ongoing business economics driving today’s technology companies and markets. As a client, you receive insights around financial outcomes tied to strategies, go-to-market and resource deployments. We go beyond the written word, offering one-on-one access to our analysts, who make the insights pertinent your business.

You receive programmatic services that provide a continuum of deliverables — from the flash reaction to an earnings release through vendor deep dives, benchmark comparisons, forecasts, and linking business model success to end-customer behaviors and plans.

Tailored Services

When you need more, our Tailored Services team is available to answer questions for your specific business needs. You receive the benefits of TBR’s custom capabilities coupled with the subject matter expertise of our analyst staff. Our approach is responsive and flexible, and our advisers understand your business. TBR goes beyond the typical “market analysis” to suggest strategies pertinent to your business. Repeat and ongoing engagements are common for us.