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Upcoming TBR Insights Live Sessions

July 18

How AI Is Shaping IT Infrastructure Purchaser Trends in 2024

Learn:The ways marketwide AI enthusiasm has shifted mindsets in the midmarket and enterprise space; IT infrastructure buyers’ expectations for AI investment; and which other top trends are influencing IT infrastructure purchasers’ spending plans, including the Broadcom-VMware acquisition and sustainability initiatives

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Explosive AI-driven Demand: Semiconductor and IT Infrastructure Market Expectations

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Telecom Infrastructure Services: Navigating the Post-peak 5G Era and Future Growth Opportunities

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Arm-based PC chips and AI LLMs: Expected implications for PCs in 2024

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GenAI, the Maturing Digital Transformation Market and Ecosystems: Buyer and Vendor Implications

Will AI Hype Generate a Server Market Rebound?

GenAI in the Cloud: Commercialization Hype vs. Reality

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IT Infrastructure Strategy and Purchasing Trends in the Post-pandemic Era

June 29

Telecom Infrastructure Services Market Expectations Through 2027

June 15

Bringing Cloud to the Biggest Buyer: Insights into the U.S. Federal Government Cloud Market

May 18

Navigating Soft Demand and Margin Erosion: Insights into Devices Vendors’ 2022 Revenue Challenges

June 1

The Power of Data in the Cloud: A Deep Dive into the PaaS Market and Ecosystem

May 4

Unlocking the Impact: How the Latest Trends in IT Services and Telecom Will Influence the Evolving Digitally Enabled Ecosystem

April 27

Optimizing for Telecom Network Deployment Services Opportunity in 2023 and Beyond

April 13

Competitive Landscape Shifts: Key Trends Impacting the U.S. Wireless Market

April 6

State of Technology, Telecom and Professional Services Competitive Intelligence in 2023

March 9

Unpacking the latest IT services, digital transformation and consulting trends: 2023 outlook and insights from TBR’s research

February 23

The bull market in federal IT will continue in 2023

Part of TBR Webinar Series: 2023 Predictions

February 9

Telecom industry will face an unprecedented level of uncertainty and risk in 2023

Part of TBR Webinar Series: 2023 Predictions

January 26

After rapid pandemic-related growth, the PC market will shrink in 2023

Part of TBR Webinar Series: 2023 Predictions

January 19

Transparency, consistency, quality: Winning formulas for IT services, digital transformation and consulting in 2023

Part of TBR Webinar Series: 2023 Predictions

January 12

Cloud vendors will use predictable strategies for unprecedented times in 2023

Part of TBR Webinar Series: 2023 Predictions

December 1

How to use objective data metrics to benchmark your alliance performance

Hosted by TBR partner The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals and part of the ASAP Webinar Series

November 10

Pure plays are disrupting the original cloud disruptors

November 3

Supply chain issues delay private 5G network market development

October 27

Trends in services to drive revenue for IT infrastructure providers

October 20

Hyperscalers accelerate business model disruption in telecom

October 13

Channel partner strategies: Services, acquisitions and partnerships

September 29

The coming IT consulting battle: Who will win and who will lose among hyperscaler, India-centric and tech-led IT services players?

September 22

Inflation, recession and uncertainty: 3 key drivers of cloud economics

September 1

CSP spend on 5G infrastructure peaks in 2022

August 11

Post-quantum cryptography: Commercial and go-to-market strategies of leading players

June 30

Top priorities for IT infrastructure investments: What’s more important than business transformation?

June 23

Top vendors positioned to capitalize on TIS market trends

June 16

Cloud ERP picking up speed: How vendors are capitalizing on vast opportunity

June 9

The pandemic’s lasting impact on IT services: Who’s leading through 2022 and beyond

May 19

Server and storage market performance

May 5

Blockchain, sustainability and IT services


IaaS is about scale; PaaS is about differentiation


Ukraine and the future of digital transformation


Hyperscalers are reimagining how networks are built, owned and operated


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