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Expectations for GenAI Deployment in IT Services in 2024

Delve into the current landscape of GenAI deployment in 2024. Despite initial hype, concerns around cost, technology challenges, and ethics persist. Explore how IT services vendors are pivoting towards business-backed use cases to sustain client interest. Anticipate shifts towards outcome-based pricing and increased focus on data orchestration. Download TBR’s predictions for IT services and consulting markets in 2024 for insights into GenAI pressures and talent challenges.

Preparing for the Future: Navigating the Transition to 6G Networks

Discover the impending transition to 6G networks and the preparations being made by the telecom industry and global government entities. Stay ahead of the curve with this insightful blog post.

AI Impact on IT Infrastructure in 2024

Discover the outlook for AI’s impact on IT infrastructure in 2024. Despite challenges in 2023, AI-enabled hardware presents new opportunities for consulting and managed services. Cloud customers seek cost reduction and multicloud solutions, driving coopetition among vendors. Explore TBR’s predictions for the IT infrastructure industry in 2024 with TBR Principal Analyst Angela Lambert.

Using Competitive Intelligence to Stay Ahead in the Fast-changing IT Services Market

Discover how competitive intelligence for IT services impacts IT vendors, budgeting, labor costs and more.

The Basics of Competitive Intelligence: A Beginner’s Guide

Discover the unique facets of competitive intelligence – competitors, customers, partnerships. Read this guide today to learn more!

How to Gain Cloud Market Share in 2024

Explore the evolving cloud market landscape in 2024. Vendors must adopt strategic approaches to gain market share, leveraging AI-led growth, expanding addressable markets, and orchestrating multivendor partnerships. Discover TBR’s predictions for the evolving cloud market in 2024.

Open RAN Adoption in 2024

Explore the slow development of the open RAN market in 2024. Despite vendor marketing and CSP interest, technological complexity and cost hinder mainstream adoption. Open RAN deployments remain limited to greenfield networks, while vRAN gains traction for its agility and cost efficiencies. Download TBR’s predictions for the telecom market in 2024 for insights into industry responses to challenges.

Expectations for AI PCs in 2024

Discover the buzz around AI PCs reshaping the device industry. As hardware advances, software development lags, delaying potential commercial PC refreshes. Dive into predictions for 2024 with TBR Senior Analyst Ben Carbonneau.

GenAI Expectations for Enterprise Buyers in 2024

Discover how GenAI is reshaping enterprise landscapes in 2024. With heightened expectations, vendors must showcase tangible use cases and outcomes. Explore how GenAI intersects with digital transformation predictions and the imperative for preparedness in data architecture. Unlock insights into navigating the GenAI journey for sustainable growth. Download TBR’s Top Predictions for Digital Transformation in 2024 for a comprehensive outlook.

GenAI and the Power of the Use Case

In 2024, vendors adept at collaboration in the GenAI space and substantiating their promises with actual client outcomes will lead the pack. Those lacking in either area may still ride the GenAI wave, but they risk lagging behind with subpar results and waning market relevance.

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