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The Evolution of Acquisitions, GenAI and Digital Transformation in IT Services and Consulting in 2023

Near-term, expect GenAI opportunities around consulting and limited case uses around productivity

Enterprise Storage Remains a Highly Competitive Space in 2023

Disruptive vendors are adding pressure to incumbents with targeted strategies to push into enterprise storage accounts

Telecom Industry Navigated Weakening Macro Backdrop Well in 1H23, but 2H23 and 2024 Will Likely be a More Challenging Situation

Despite holding up relatively well thus far in 2023, CSPs face significant challenges in managing their debt — the pressure is on to grow revenue and monetize their 5G investments

Human at the Center: EY Combines Data and Corporate Social Responsibility to Solve World Hunger

In June TBR attended an awards ceremony for the EY Open Science Data Challenge, which gave a glimpse into how well the firm mixes data and corporate social responsibility programs to solve society’s biggest problems, including world hunger.

How Are IT Infrastructure Vendors Helping Customers Navigate Uncertain Economic Conditions?

Automation of management tasks has risen in priority as IT organizations seek to shift the balance from tactical to strategic actions while adapting to post-pandemic ways of working.

The Future of the Industrial Metaverse

Offering users an immersive, real-time experience, the industrial metaverse draws on existing cloud-to-edge technologies to simulate, optimize and simplify complex systems across industries, predominantly manufacturing.

Facilitating Simplicity: KnowledgeRiver’s Analytics Tool and Its Secret to IT Services

More technical minds can argue about simplicity for simplicity’s sake; I’m interested in the various approaches IT services vendors have been deploying to meet that growing client demand, and I’m constantly contrasting what I hear and see to a firm we spoke to late in 2022, KnowledgeRiver.

Conducting Competitive Intelligence Research – A How To

Patrick M. Heffernan, Principal Analyst and Practice Manager, has strong opinions on what it takes to conduct useful competitive intelligence research, and in this blog, he dives into three steps for producing research that will support your business goals and help you win in your industry.

Conducting an Opportunity Analysis the TBR Way

Opportunity analysis is one of the most critical and complex forms of research. It frames the big bets that technology, telecommunications and professional services companies make.

When Will PC Demand Rebound?

TBR strongly believes a material rebound in the PC market will only begin in conjunction with the next major refresh cycle. However, this is dictated by several factors.

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