Custom Market Intelligence and Insights

A structured set of capabilities providing business-centric insights and recommendations to address the challenges of specific clients that extend beyond existing coverage.

TBR’s Tailored Services team is made up of ICT market topical experts in project design, management, and research methods. They leverage a standard analytical approach focused on translating business-centric insights into actionable recommendations.

Tailored Services completes over 100 engagements each year. The team works with our research analyst teams in support of TBR’s entire client base as well as all ICT markets TBR covers. Multiple research tools, including vendor, partners and/or customer interviews and surveys are used in each engagement. Key research focus areas are competitive intelligence and benchmarking, customer intelligence, financial modeling, go-to-market enablement, and opportunity analysis.

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Competitive Intelligence

With Competitive Intelligence, our team provides actionable insights and recommendations around business performance benchmarks, comparative peer landscape and strategic market moves to help companies align for both cost optimization and strategic growth.

Key outcomes delivered include:

  • Assessment of the strengths and vulnerabilities of key competitors and advise clients on how to defend and capitalize on them
  • Evaluation of how client peers are structuring their teams and processes to manage costs to support profitability
  • Provide a cadence of comparative insights to use in executive communication and reporting
  • Alignment of price points and price strategies for existing offerings to maximize revenue, profit and market share opportunity
  • Creation of a long-term commercial strategy, aligned to peer best practices, that optimizes financial performance

Operational Analysis
Analyze the best practices and approaches of peers’ operations and processes to help clients optimize their go-to-market, delivery and commercial practices.

Portfolio Analysis
Identify strengths and vulnerabilities of a portfolio area or line of business versus peers through a series of outside-in and inside-out analyses.

Pricing Analysis
Benchmark competitive price levels for comparable products and services and competitors’ pricing strategies.

Financial Modeling

With Financial Modeling, our team targets and normalizes financial analysis rooted in ongoing analysis of companies and markets and augmented with specific research to support triangulated logic and assumptions.

Key outcomes delivered include:

  • Contextual and normalized data to support executives
  • Realistic business expectations stemming from analysis of market-specific dynamics
  • Ability to enable partners by understanding their financial situation
  • Opportunities to generate ROI identified

Market Segmentation
Helping clients understand market conditions by dissecting market size and results into the most relevant and influential components

Partner Modeling
Supporting clients’ assessment of their partners’ health and results, to optimize program investments and benefits

Profit and Loss Modeling
Enabling clients to plan, manage and measure their business through a series of business unit-level P&Ls, built through analysis of pricing approaches, resource strategies, and go-to-market investments and returns

Competitive Intelligence Data Visualization Example

Opportunity Analysis

With Opportunity Analysis, our team provides actionable insights and recommendations that enable clients to identify and align to long-term strategic and disruptive opportunities, enabling clients to see growth in the next 18-plus months.

Key outcomes delivered include:

  • Development of market entry strategies for clients that are evaluating expansion into new verticals, regions or service areas
  • Advise clients on M&A short lists by deploying a market screen based on contextual, quantitative data
  • Project market size, direction and trajectory based on an assessment of the accelerators and decelerators of customer adoption

A projection of opportunity size, velocity and trajectory for an offering or market segment, based on an analysis of customer plans, competitor motions and ecosystem needs

M&A Screens
Recommended short list of potential acquisitions for pre-diligence support, based on acquisition target fit, value add and strategic alignment

New Solution Testing and Positioning
Generate an understanding of willingness to buy, key evaluation criteria, pricing and positioning, and expected use cases for new or differentiated offerings.

Customer and Partner Intelligence

With Customer and Partner Intelligence, our team creates actionable insights and recommendations that enable clients to evaluate new or expanding markets, understand brand perception, fine-tune marketing messaging, and define segment opportunity by assessing the needs, expectations, plans and experiences of customers.

Key outcomes delivered include:

  • Identify areas for differentiation and improvement by benchmarking customer perception versus competitors
  • Generate an understanding of willingness to buy, key evaluation criteria and expected use cases for new/differentiated offers
  • Identify messaging that resonates with customers and key factors that make messaging successful

Customer Adoption and Direction

Assessments of how customers’ current and planned consumption of products solutions and services aligns to their business objectives and goals

Customer Perception

Insights on customers’ experiences and feelings toward a brand, product or service, including strengths, weaknesses and gaps

Message Testing

Recommendations on specific messaging and messaging strategy using customer feedback on preference, relevance and brand identity

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Go-to-market Enablement

With Go-to-Market Enablement, our team provides actionable insights and recommendations that enable clients to proactively arm their sales and go-to-market organizations with tools to identify opportunities, position against competitors, and win more deals.

Key outcomes delivered include:

  • Identification of opportunities through nontraditional customer classification methods
  • Approach to move through sales stages by understanding evolving buyer and influencer roles
  • Framework to “tell the story” of competitive strengths and weaknesses to competitors

Account Classification
A series of customer plays that are based on “softer” classification data, such as maturity and willingness to take risk

Competitive Alignment Tools
Sales battle cards and kill sheets that are proactively designed to tell the story of both strengths and weaknesses from an inside-out and outside-in point of view

Market Content
Helping clients tell their story through research-backed white papers, webinars, social content and infographics

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