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Walk side by side with TBR to best understand and serve the needs of our users, their constituencies and the companies they manage. Our research delves deeply into the business trends of technology markets as well as the implications of technological disruptions to the global ICT landscape and the business models and ecosystems through which trillions of dollars are transacted annually.

TBR partners closely with organizations and firms that support the users of our objective, independent business analysis. We support ICT professionals with remit in product marketing, product management, competitive intelligence, market intelligence, strategy, finance, alliance management, field enablement, partner management, analyst & investor relations, and operations.

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  • Exclusive access to our principal market analysts, data scientists and custom research specialists to co-brand content
  • Members enjoy enhanced free trials or discounts to TBR insights (discounts may not be combined with existing discounts)
  • Partner-presentation opportunities on our Webinar Series and Insights Interviews podcast

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  • Access to our research agenda of upcoming topics, emerging companies and trends
  • Inform and advise on strategic needs to align with our upcoming research agendas
  • Take advantage of co-brand opportunities around TBR’s research publications, Webinar Series, Insights Interviews podcast and more

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Current Partners

The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) is a nonprofit, global membership organization for partnering professionals in all industries who manage strategic alliances, ecosystems, go-to-market partnerships, key channel partner relationships, and other business collaborations.

As the go-to community for alliance and partnering success, ASAP offers many resources to its members, including tools, publications, education and networking events, and more. ASAP is also the only association that awards CA-AM and CSAP certification to qualified alliance professionals. ASAP global, corporate, and individual members represent a wide variety of industries that include high tech, biopharma, life science, finance, fintech, insurance, energy, consulting, and many others.

Crayon’s competitive intelligence (CI) software helps companies win and keep more customers. Crayon empowers revenue teams with curated insights into what their competition is doing in real time, how much of their pipeline is at risk to competitors, and how often they win. TBR is a proud member of Crayon’s CI Partner Directory, a compilation of competitive and market intelligence providers created to help companies easily find the organizations that can supercharge their CI efforts.