Digital Transformation Research Reports

With TBR’s Digital Transformation market and competitive intelligence research, gain insight into how technology and services firms are investing, going to market, partnering and more as they help enterprises transition to digital solutions.

Learn how IT and business buyers approach digital applications, platforms and services within the context of disruptive market trends and emerging opportunities. Additionally, examine and dissect IT vendors’ ecosystem management as well as investments, performance and go-to-market strategies in both mature and emerging areas, including blockchain, Industrial IoT, analytics, customer experience and innovation centers, and cloud.

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Trends we’re watching in 2024:

  • Generative AI hype meets reality
  • The launch of multiparty alliances beyond the traditional, preferred two-dimensional relationships and the rise of cobranded facilities help promote these relationships and bring digital transformation (DT) to customers in a package rather than in multiphased approaches
  • Vendors with broad-based enterprise relationships will capture a new wave of DT growth as buyers seek guidance and support around their data stores to ensure compliance and cyber threat prevention


TBR’s Digital Transformation benchmark research provides clients a comparison of vendor performance in a market, including analysis on vendor strategies, financial performance, go-to-market and resource management. The research graphically portrays comparisons of vendors by myriad metrics, calling out leaders, laggards and business models.

Digital Transformation: Analytics Professional Services BenchmarkDigital Transformation Competitive Intelligence

Digital Transformation: Digital Marketing Services BenchmarkDigital Transformation Competitive Intelligence

Customer Research

Digital Transformation customer research decodes and provides customers’ true perceptions of vendors as well as follows the opportunity shift from legacy to emerging technologies and platforms.

Digital Transformation: Voice of the Customer ResearchDigital Transformation Competitive Intelligence

Ecosystem Report

Ecosystem reports compile data and analysis from multiple streams of TBR coverage to assess, quantify and model revenues, team compositions, go-to-market strategies and other qualitative insights, including accreditation and training of sell-through and sell-with partnerships, channels or alliances across global ICT markets.

Adobe & Salesforce Ecosystem Report

Cloud Ecosystem Report

Market landscape

Digital Transformation market landscape research includes analysis of an emerging or disruptive market segment or technology, including insight into how vendors and customers address the emerging technology as well as market sizing, vendor positioning, strategies, acquisitions, alliances and customer adoption trends.

Digital Commerce Market LandscapeDigital Transformation Competitive Intelligence

Cloud Ecosystems Market Landscape

Given the maturity of cloud adoption today, DT programs are evolving and the need for industry-based configurations has risen drastically as adopters pursue custom outcomes set against their industry backdrop. As such, the nuanced nature of industry-based requirements and compliance standards that mature enterprises must adhere to across industries such as financial services, healthcare and government, require vertically tailored offerings. As a result, technology vendor investments around industry-based cloud have accelerated in the last couple of years.

Estimated DMS Revenue, Profitability and Year-to-year Revenue Growth

Regardless of new trends and opportunities, vendors must address legacy operations levers including people and partners in order to successfully develop and execute on the new processes needed to deliver more personalized experiences to end consumers. As the most mature digital transformation component, customer experience has compelled buyers to embark on omnichannel projects to unify insights and processes across the customer life cycle for years now, and vendors have plenty of use cases to rely on, especially as new environments such as the metaverse provide another dimension of the virtual user experience.

Layoffs, AI and Optimization: Exploring Top Trends of the Chaotic Digital Landscape

Tech sector layoffs, generative AI (GenAI) and digital optimization are the three big trends generating excessive confusion and fear in a macroeconomic climate that has already been befouled by inflation smog and a potential debt default. Let’s walk through each separately, then tie them all together and close with a positive message about emerging technologies and economic growth.

GenAI and the Power of the Use Case

Vendors capable of playing nice in the GenAI sandbox and backing up their GenAI stories and promises with delivered results for clients will outpace peers in 2024. Vendors missing any of those components will still be able to benefit from the GenAI gold rush, but they will experience poorer results and diminishing relevance in the market.