Special Reports

Lenovo ISG is building the road map to become a market-leading infrastructure provider

Lenovo is executing on strategies across all segments within ISG to become the world’s largest IT infrastructure provider.

industry cloud

PwC’s Industry Cloud strategy delivers on 3 major cloud trends

PwC’s Industry Cloud strategy aligns with current trends in the cloud market, namely services, collaboration with partners, and industry alliances and preconfigured ecosystems.


How Informatica uses the cloud to empower a data-driven enterprise

With IDMC in the cloud, Informatica is better positioned to help clients translate data into valuable insights at a level that cannot be realized on premises.

Drawing on its partner network and Red Hat’s open posture, IBM enables full-stack transformation

IBM is emerging a more agile, streamlined and focused organization, especially as it looks to lead the digital revolution through two overarching areas: getting customers to embrace a hybrid architecture and helping them unlock data-driven insights through AI.

One of tech’s largest acquisitions will place VMware as strategic and financial centerpiece of Broadcom Software

While Broadcom is no stranger to software acquisitions, this transaction will be its most transformative as VMware becomes both the brand and growth driver behind Broadcom Software.


Past is prologue for EY and the blockchain ecosystem

Evolving public blockchain for the masses to enterprise-ready solutions positions EY among the key ecosystem enablers.

Instantaneous interconnectivity: Inside the Department of Defense’s ambitious plan for JADC2

JADC2 is an evolving Department of Defense vision to revamp the C4ISR programs currently in use across all U.S. military branches.

Expanding into consulting: Huawei’s next strategic step

A new emphasis on consulting — if it is matched with sustained investments in training, selective hiring and concurrent upskilling around digital transformation — could enhance Huawei’s competitive advantages for engagements that extend beyond essential technology needs.

ManTech acquired by The Carlyle Group

Carlyle Group’s ultimate goal may be to sell ManTech to a larger federal IT peer with the fiscal wherewithal for a strategic purchase that will either further cement its leadership position.

EY confident supply chain sustainability will change world

Sustainability and supply chain challenges require strategy consulting and change management-led approaches, not technology-driven solutions, which plays to EY’s strengths in the near term.