Special Reports

Unisys executes rebranding efforts to transform its image in the IT services space

Over the past year, Unisys has executed on rebranding and marketing efforts to transform its image in the IT services space and offer a refreshed technology portfolio that allows the company to expand revenue and profitability.

Digital twins and 5G abundance: The continuation of the Atos smart cities story

If abundant 5G and advances around digital twin technology spark a resurgence in smart cities, TBR anticipates Atos will continue to turn inspiration sessions into small-scale implementations across Europe and in some select cities outside the vendor’s home region.

Not just rocket science: Hypersonic missiles and the U.S.

U.S. interest in hypersonic missiles has surged over the last few years, with the DOD’s budget for hypersonic research growing 18.8% year-to-year in FY22.

Automatic for the people: PwC’s surprising tool in the battle to attain and retain talent

Intelligence automation may be one of PwC’s key methods for helping the firm and its clients attract and keep talent.

Choose your own adventure: PwC aims to remake the employee experience with My+ strategy

PwC’s My+ could completely alter the way Big Four firms and other professional services vendors recruit, retain and manage their talent.

Atos’ sustainability play relies on ecosystems, science and leading by example

TBR met with Atos senior leadership to discuss sustainability and Atos’ role as an ecosystem orchestrator, a services vendor and a role model for decarbonization.

EY Managed Services protect clients from the bleeding edge of regulatory change

A $750 million investment underpins EY’s commitment to growing out its managed services portfolio, with more money to follow.

PwC, the SEC, and sustainability

TBR recently met with PwC’s US ESG Leader and a longtime PwC Partner to discuss PwC’s views in developments around sustainability and decarbonization.

Lenovo ISG is building the road map to become a market-leading infrastructure provider

Lenovo is executing on strategies across all segments within ISG to become the world’s largest IT infrastructure provider.

industry cloud

PwC’s Industry Cloud strategy delivers on 3 major cloud trends

PwC’s Industry Cloud strategy aligns with current trends in the cloud market, namely services, collaboration with partners, and industry alliances and preconfigured ecosystems.