Special Reports & Analysis

IBM Consulting Works with Ecosystem Partners to Drive Transformation Through Hybrid Cloud and AI

IBM Consulting is on a profitable growth trajectory, utilizing data and AI to address business challenges and building hybrid and multicloud solutions

Ericsson Will Have to Make Strategy and Go-to-market Adjustments to Achieve Critical Mass in Enterprise Domain

Ericsson has a compelling story for Vonage and the global communications platform the company is building, though Vonage’s ability to achieve sustainable profitability remains uncertain

Snowflake’s Data Warehouse Evolution: Embracing a Single Platform Approach for Success

Abiding by the notion that new software should be built on the data cloud, not on the database, Snowflake is moving further into the app development space, using its expertise at the data warehouse layer to support read/write operations and empower a new set of data-intensive applications

The Future of Managed Cybersecurity Services: What Eviden Gets Right, Where Eviden May Be Leading

TBR expects Eviden will focus on expanding its capabilities in cloud security, an area where the company can combine current cloud-native offerings with the hyperscalers’ security tools and add acquired capabilities and scale, bolstered by Eviden’s existing — and expanding — IP.

Tech Foundations Fires on All Cylinders to Refocus, Recover and Rebound

Expanding hybrid cloud, technology consulting and digital platforms capabilities increases Tech Foundations’ value proposition.

HCLTech Integrates Sustainability Across Its Business for Lasting Impact

In this special report we recap our recent conversation with Santhosh Jayaram, Global Head of Sustainability at HCLTech, about the company’s efforts to adopt sustainable business practices and build a portfolio of sustainability solutions for its customers.

Lenovo’s European Manufacturing Base Strengthens Its Supply Chain

With the DNA of a PC manufacturing company, Lenovo decided in 2018 to apply the supply chain and manufacturing expertise cultivated from the logistical challenges of being a PC manufacturer to its IT infrastructure business, ISG.

Amdocs Is Reinventing Itself with AI, Cloud and Changes to Its Go-to-market Strategy

TBR was part of a select group of industry analysts invited to Amdocs’ new corporate campus in Ra’anana, Israel, to hear from executive leadership about the company’s strategy, portfolio and go-to-market approach, as well as other aspects of its business. In this special report, TBR Principal Analyst Chris Antlitz highlights his top takeaways.

Red Hat Invests in Core Offerings to Address Next-gen Applications, Including AI

With AI promising to unlock a new wave of applications and related business opportunities, Red Hat will use its expertise in productizing open-source technology to help customers build and manage intelligent applications.


Informatica IDMC Innovations Help Customers Harness Their Data in a Cloud-first World

Leveraging the IaaS and PaaS assets of its strategic partners, Informatica has transitioned its business model from selling disparate, legacy products to a unified cloud platform — IDMC — that can support a broader set of use cases and ultimately speak to a maturing audience of customers who are moving away from bespoke integrations.

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