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What Is Driving Wireless Revenue Growth for U.S. Operators?

Despite the relatively mature smartphone market, the majority of U.S. telecom operators were able to sustain year-to-year wireless revenue growth in 4Q22. Though inflation is limiting discretionary spending, operators are withstanding these pressures as wireless connectivity remains essential to most consumer and business customers. However, operators are being impacted by certain customers seeking lower-priced service plans to accommodate their tighter budgets, which is spurring operators to introduce new entry-level service plans, such as Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited plan.

Comcast Business Showcases Significant Progression Toward Becoming a Leading Global Provider of Secure Networking Solutions at 2023 Analyst Conference

The 2023 Comcast Business Analyst Conference highlighted Comcast’s evolution from primarily serving local small businesses with traditional connectivity solutions during its infancy to its current ambition of competing as a leading global provider of secure networking solutions, supported by the Masergy acquisition and Comcast Business’ burgeoning enterprise business.

Competitive Landscape Shifts: Key Trends Impacting the U.S. Wireless Market

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Lumen evolves from a traditional telco to a technology company

The 2022 Lumen Global Analyst and Consultant Forum showcased Lumen Technologies’ (NYSE: LUMN) ambition to transform from a traditional telco to a technology company. Lumen’s capabilities in hybrid networking, edge computing, connected security, unified communications and more will help support clients’ transition to a distributed workforce while bolstering Industry 4.0 initiatives across multiple verticals. “The […]

Demand for 5G infrastructure is becoming more robust, though commercial deployments will be delayed by supply chain headwinds in the short term

Supply-demand imbalance delays pace of 5G market development The pandemic has prompted enterprises and governments to pull forward and broaden the scope of their digital transformations, primarily for business resiliency and cost-reduction purposes but also for tapping into new market opportunities. There is significant interest among governments and enterprises across verticals in leveraging 5G and […]

CSP demand for 5G infrastructure is expected to remain robust for at least the next few years

Key Insights Traditional RAN will remain the predominant architecture through 2025. Open vRAN will take time to mature and go mainstream. Mobile broadband (MBB) and fixed wireless access (FWA) will remain primary use cases for 5G; government and enterprise pursuit of digital transformation wil drive other use cases. APAC will lead the world in 5G […]

Global governments will drive 5G development through stimulus initiatives and preference for domestic suppliers

Government stimulus will advance global 5G development; government support of domestic suppliers will aid smaller vendors Unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus unleashed amid the COVID-19 pandemic will fund, both directly and indirectly, a large portion of the infrastructure cost for economic digitalization. As of August 2021, TBR estimates $3.5 trillion, or around 10% of global […]