IoT settles in for the long haul

Insights from TBR’s 2020 Devices & Commercial IoT Predictions Join Principal Analyst Ezra Gottheil and Analyst Eric Costa for a presentation on TBR’s predictions for 2020 and beyond, concerning both devices and commercial IoT. IoT is playing an increasing role in the application of IT to business, and in IT spending, but it is not […]

The emerging and evolving landscape of enterprise edge computing

Join Cloud Computing Senior Analyst Nicki Catchpole and Data Center Analyst Stephanie Long for an exclusive preview of TBR’s first edition of the Enterprise Edge Compute Market Landscape. These two TBR teams have come together to analyze the enterprise edge market, an emerging and rapidly evolving opportunity for existing data center and cloud players as […]

Are digital transformation buyers ready for AI?

An exclusive review of TBR’s Digital Transformation Insights Report: Voice of the Customer and Digital Transformation Insights Report: Emerging Technology AI is one of the technologies that will help standardize the digital transformation (DT) market and turn the wildly loose use of the term “digital” into tangible business results. Though the technology sparks urgency for […]

Enterprise adoption of private cellular networks poses opportunities and threats for telecom industry

An overview of key findings from TBR’s upcoming Private Cellular Networks Market Landscape Digitalization and Industry 4.0 have sparked an emerging trend whereby some enterprises are opting for private cellular networks that they buy, own and control. These enterprises will be looking to not only leverage these private networks for traditional communications but also institutionalize […]

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