Edge computing: 2Q21 insights from TBR’s Services and Cloud teams

Technology and complexity bring opportunities to services around edge Join Patrick Heffernan, Boz Hristov and Nicki Catchpole for a cross-practice discussion on how the ever-evolving complexity of edge computing is impacting digital transformations and creating opportunities for IT services vendors and consultancies. TBR’s subject-matter experts will discuss edge-specific use cases across multiple industries and unpack […]

Blockchain: 2Q21 insights from TBR’s Digital and Services teams

Transforming the economic engine one block at a time Join Patrick Heffernan, Boz Hristov, Evan Woollacott and Geoff Woollacott for a webinar examining the state of adoption for blockchain as well as the impact on buyer’s digital transformation initiatives. The need for a community approach will require frenemies to collaborate but only if enabled by […]

How leading vendors performed in the private cellular networks market in 2020

Private cellular networks, particularly LTE and 5G, have become a key growth area within the ICT ecosystem. Enterprises are investing in private cellular networks as part of their broader digital transformations and a broad array of vendors are capitalizing on opportunities in this space. Join Principal Analyst Chris Antlitz for an in-depth, exclusive review of […]

Cloud vendors make the most of their COVID-19 stimulus

Join Allan Krans, Nicki Catchpole, Evan Woollacott and Catie Merrill for a glimpse into the continued acceleration of cloud adoption as the COVID-19 pandemic abates. The discussion will shed light on how the value of cloud was reinforced during the pandemic, leading to accelerated spending as conditions have stabilized and improved in the first half […]

5G brings massive disruption to U.S. wireless market

The competitive dynamics within the U.S. wireless market are rapidly changing as a result of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger and disruption from new players, particularly cable operators and Dish Network. Heightened competitive pressures and the continued impact of COVID-19 are spurring U.S. operators to revamp their go-to-market and operational strategies to maintain profitable market […]

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