Digital transformation in 2020: How hype gets scale and substance

TBR continues to track the evolution of emerging technologies, the changing roles of business models for vendors, and enterprises’ expectations as digital transformation further shifts from hype to concrete offerings delivered by IT services and technology vendors. The next wave of change will bring further disruption, but also scale and speed that will separate the […]

Device market disruptors

AR, VR, smart speakers and AI chips are part of the digital transformation story New technologies have driven growth in the consumer device market. Smart speakers are ubiquitous, and adoption of these devices has grown faster than for any new product since smartphones. AR and VR adoption is growing more slowly but the technology is […]

Year in review: Shifting from a monocloud to a multicloud and hybrid cloud landscape

2019 has been a notable year for the cloud and software markets, shedding light on the cloud landscape as it becomes progressively complicated. From customers’ increasingly complex use cases to vendors’ sustained but slowing growth, along with acquisitions, new challengers and new ventures, the market continues to transform. Join Allan Krans, Meaghan McGrath, Jack McElwee […]

Will ‘new’ management consulting models support digital transformation?

An exclusive review of TBR’s Management Consulting Benchmark As a diverse set of IT services vendors take consulting-led approaches to capturing new logos and delivering digital transformations, the established strategy consultancies have invested in emerging technology capabilities and diverse talent. In a world in which every services vendor is also a consultancy, these old-school firms […]

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Cloud pairs well with partners

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Leading webscales tackle the connectivity problem; CSP business model under threat