The value imperative: Healthcare IT services vendors reorient around value-centric models of care delivery and payment

Traditional paradigms for healthcare payment and delivery are transforming into models that offer enhanced value, accountability, transparency and patient outcomes. To pivot with the market and its embrace of value over volume, healthcare organizations are reorienting themselves and their health IT infrastructures to become more data-driven, patient-centric and value-focused. Join us Sept. 26 as we […]

IoT customer maturity

Customers, like vendors, are just beginning to figure out IoT While Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for decades, for most customers, like most vendors, IoT is still very new. To derive the greatest value from the IoT approach, a customer has to have integrated, coordinated, cross-disciplinary teams creating solutions. Even experienced companies are […]

Crossing the chasm: Transforming from a CSP to a DSP

Communication service providers (CSPs) are embarking on transformation journeys to evolve into digital service providers (DSPs), leveraging nascent technologies such as software-mediated networking (NFV/SDN), cloud, 5G, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence. During the webinar, TBR will provide its definition of a DSP and characterize how a CSP can evolve into a DSP. Join Telecom Senior […]

2018: The year multicloud and hybrid cloud became inevitable?

Just as cloud has become increasingly accepted and adopted by customers, the market dynamics are beginning to change. In 2018 customers put more complex multicloud and hybrid environments into the mix, making them the biggest challenges facing the use of cloud technologies moving forward. The bar has been set for 2019; customers now expect out-of-the-box […]

IT services expectations for 2019: Assets, industries and human transformation

Join Patrick M. Heffernan for a roundtable discussion with TBR’s Professional Services senior analysts on three trends in the IT services market expected to pick up steam in 2019. The team will discuss the shift toward asset-based services and how assets will continue to change the IT services business model. The team will also reflect […]

Asset-based IT services will rule 2019

Join Patrick M. Heffernan for a roundtable discussion with TBR’s Professional Services senior analysts as they deep dive into one of TBR’s expectations for the IT services market in 2019, including the impact of asset-based IT services on vendors, their partners and the IT services market overall. After exploring basic ideas around asset-based services, the […]

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