2021 PC market predictions

The pandemic has accelerated some trends and slowed others within the devices market. Specifically, the role of the PC has changed during the pandemic and will continue to evolve post-pandemic from working, learning and lifestyle perspectives. Join Principal Analyst Ezra Gottheil and Analyst Eric Costa for a discussion on the state of the PC market, […]

5G brings massive disruption to U.S. wireless market

The competitive landscape within the U.S. wireless market is transforming rapidly as a result of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger and disruption from new players including Dish Network, Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile and Altice Mobile. Heightened competitive pressures are spurring U.S. operators to revamp their go-to-market strategies to maintain market share as the 5G era […]

Management consulting and innovation centers: 3Q21 insights from TBR’s IT Services team

With the gradual shift to in-person engagements, clients have been challenging management consultancies to deliver more value and deliver change more quickly. Join Patrick Heffernan, Kelly Lesiczka and John Croll for an in-depth and exclusive discussion on 2021 expectations for both the management consulting market and vendors’ innovation and transformation centers. Mark your calendars for […]

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