Evolutionary IoT: Starting small and controlling costs

Data must earn its keep Internet of Things (IoT) projects range from small to huge, and the small end of the spectrum is where we find growth. TBR believes that organizations that successfully exploit the enormous transformative potential of IoT do it through widespread and continual execution of IoT projects, and through ongoing generation of […]

Obstacles and triumphs on the journey to cloud

Insights from TBR’s Cloud and Software team Customer adoption of cloud services is maturing as enterprises pursue next-step cloud adoption, implementing lessons learned from their own initial experiences and those of peers. With this maturity, cloud adoption strategies and decisions are becoming both more nuanced and hybrid-oriented, and vary widely by CIO, industry and company […]

30 minutes, 3 months, 3 years: Evolution of digital transformation

Insights from TBR’s Digital Transformation Insights team Join Boz Hristov and Patrick Heffernan as they look at the last three years of change in digital transformation, particularly in consulting and IT services. Building on the recent launch of a Digital Transformation Insights portfolio, TBR will describe how hype became substantial engagements and how emerging technologies […]

Bringing the best: Talent and technology in management consulting

Insights from TBR’s Professional Services team Join Senior Analysts Elitsa Bakalova and Patrick Heffernan and Research Analyst Kelly Lesiczka as they discuss the infusion of technology into every aspect of management consulting. In addition to detailing changed business models among the Big Four and Strategy-centric firms, the team will review how asset- and IT-centric consulting […]

The makings of the telecom edge compute market

Insights from TBR’s 2Q19 Telecom Edge Compute Market Landscape Edge compute will be required to enable and support new use cases of the network, such as augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) and autonomous transportation, as well as will provide significant benefits, such as cost savings, for communication service providers (CSP). The build-out of these edge […]

Where will hyperconverged infrastructure fit in the modern data center?

Insights from TBR’s hyperconverged infrastructure research stream As digital transformation progresses, customers’ data center environments evolve in kind. TBR’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) research stream provides some indicators on the market’s motions. TBR unearths customer preferences centered on HCI and maps the anticipated progression of HCI adoption over the next five years. Deep dives into the […]

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