Trends in capturing tailored data and insights for technology business leaders

Join Bryan Belanger and key members of TBR’s Tailored Services team as they discuss the shifting nature of the key questions technology business leaders ask them to address in their custom projects. Tailored Services regularly engages with decision makers working across all segments of the technology industry covered by TBR’s practice areas to conduct competitive and customer […]

How COVID-19 did and will forever change cloud

Join Allan Krans, Evan Woollacott and Catie Merrill for a review of COVID-19’s impact on the cloud market so far and a look forward at the long-term impacts. This discussion will provide insight on the challenges and opportunities in the cloud market, and which vendors we believe are best positioned to address them. Don’t miss: A review of how the […]

PC status report: PCs reach a turning point

Join Ezra Gottheil and Eric Costa for a presentation on the PC market’s “interesting year” of 2020, where demand skyrocketed as more people used more PCs for more purposes than ever before. TBR believes the pandemic positively disrupted the PC market, giving the total available market a boost that will endure past the end of the crisis. However, the […]

Connectivity will be ‘free’

The connectivity business model is poised to fundamentally change during the 5G era, and the telecom industry might see and will need to be prepared for a world where selling metered data access is no longer viable. New models have emerged, driven by the webscales, that portend a world where consumer network access could become […]

Niche enterprise edge vendors disrupt the enterprise edge compute market

New and reformatted use cases have emerged at the edge that help companies meet safety requirements and allow employees to return to the physical workplace. Longer-term solutions that will help dictate how we live in the new normal will rely more heavily on edge technology, further increasing desire for the already high-demand enterprise edge compute […]

Amid the pandemic, new offerings and new footprints for IT services vendors

As the COVID-19 pandemic upended every business, some IT services vendors looked for new opportunities to address clients’ rapidly changing business and technology needs, including adjustments to massive-scale remote working and heightened cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Internally, a number of IT services vendors reacted to the pandemic by examining their own global headcount and sourcing resources needed […]

COVID-19 reveals true colors of creative advisory services

Regardless of whether the pandemic lingers, re-emerges with a greater power in the fall or significantly subsides, TBR expects management consultancies will benefit from opportunities created by the chaos of COVID-19 as vendors address clients’ tactical run-the-business needs and expand activities around digital workplace, change management, HR and supply chain operations. Vendors with greater scale, […]

Middleware: The quantum computing differentiator

As COVID-19 rages on throughout the world, more people are seeing the value quantum computing can provide once the technology matures. An integral piece of quantum computing’s success is the middleware bridging existing code and algorithms to the new logical circuitry being established that sits on top of the quantum circuits. This integration and abstraction will […]

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