UiPath amplifies the RPA’s value that comes from scale

UiPath’s position as one of the leading vendors defining the robotic process automation (RPA) market comes with responsibilities for managing expectations across stakeholders, and the company knows it. Enhancing its value proposition by adding the necessary layers of technologies and deploying business-led frameworks internally and with alliance partners helps it build use cases of scale, […]

Microsoft outduels Amazon for JEDI

Microsoft beats out Amazon after contentious competition for DOD’s JEDI award Late on the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 25, the Department of Defense (DOD) announced it had selected Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) for its lucrative Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract, the Pentagon’s plan to adopt a general-purpose cloud infrastructure first announced in November 2017. […]

Peering over the edge with 5G

Edge and 5G computing working together: It just makes sense 5G and the edge exemplify the ‘co-influenced’ trend The afternoon opened with an exercise whereby small groups were asked to define the relationship between the edge and 5G. The somewhat laborious attempt to define the edge in the context of 5G (or vice versa) exemplified […]

Ecosystems and trust: What KPMG brings to blockchain

‘It’s not about the enterprise anymore; it’s about the ecosystem’ Opening the event with KPMG’s view of innovation and technology, including specifics around blockchain, National Managing Partner for Innovation and Enterprise Solutions Fiona Grandi and Global Blockchain Leader Arun Ghosh emphasized that achieving meaningful blockchain adoption requires moving beyond the enterprise to the entire ecosystem. […]

McDermott will support ServiceNow’s ambitions to fill enterprise application gaps left by vendors like SAP

On Oct. 22, 2019, ServiceNow announced Bill McDermott, who resigned from SAP less than two weeks prior, would be taking over John Donahoe’s position as CEO at the end of 2019. McDermott’s experience in the enterprise software space will inform ServiceNow’s innovations in and around business applications from SAP and its closest competitors. McDermott’s knowledge […]

Returning to a co-CEO structure completes the executive refresh to support SAP in the ongoing cloud war

Bill McDermott chose not to renew his contract as SAP CEO, making room for SAP to return to its co-CEO structure with Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein. This changing of the guard is the capstone on SAP’s management realignment, and the announcement comes with some glaring similarities to key ERP challenger Oracle’s announcement a month […]