Innovation and transformation centers: Smart strategies pre-2020 will lead to success in a hybrid future

What the elite vendors have known: It is all about talent, location and network In meeting with leaders at innovation and transformation centers around the world and discussing their approaches to talent, TBR learned that the most aggressive and successful vendors understood key human resources elements: Talent developed at a center could be dispersed across the […]

Globally diversified government IT vendors buffered pandemic-related turbulence overseas with growth in U.S. federal sector

Overall government IT spending will take a significant hit from COVID-19; growth opportunities will eventually arise but on a longer-term horizon Public sector market growth drivers State and local governments in the U.S. as well as civilian agencies of international governments saw significant disruption to tax revenues and their ability to provide even basic levels […]

IBM pivots again

IBM Services is removing low-growth and low-profit areas, so growth in cloud transformation and AI-related services will no longer be diluted IBM will spin off a large share of GTS’ activities, or 72% of GTS’ revenues, and 44% of IBM Services’ external revenue, into a separate company. IBM will establish a new entity over the […]

Cloud vendors go deep with industry solutions

Google Cloud and SAP are flagship examples of vendors building vertically oriented strategies with the introduction of industry cloud solutions Over the last year, as more organizations accelerated the migration to the cloud, it has become evident that a horizontal cloud does not always meet the specific needs of certain industries, especially highly regulated ones […]

COVID-19 fallout unlocks unique opportunities for the telecom industry to build out edge infrastructure

vRAN will become a major driver of edge compute scale-outs Communication service providers (CSPs) that are driving forward with virtualized radio access network (vRAN), most notably Rakuten and Dish, will build many thousands of edge sites over the next few years to support their vRAN topologies. These edge sites will need to be located within […]

AR and mixed reality: A view of the use cases driving change in industrial operations

In TBR’s recently published report Digital Transformation: Emerging Technologies: AR/VR, we discussed the AR, mixed reality (MR) and VR ecosystem and various applications of the technologies across industries such as automotive, healthcare and consumer. The report outlined key solutions being deployed today across the device spectrum, covering augmented, mixed and virtual reality headsets, which are […]

In an unlikely pairing, Oracle backs TikTok to drive OCI business and intimidate IaaS competitors

Acquisition turned partnership: Oracle bands together with TikTok Oracle’s presence in TikTok-related news — from competitive bid to strategic partnership to now minority stakeholder — has raised eyebrows from the beginning, given the company’s complete detachment from the social media business. Oracle executives have not been shy about expressing their support for the current White […]

PwC’s design of a Central Lending Platform concept for Singapore: Acceleration and digitization for struggling SMEs

A pandemic-induced national problem with a PwC-designed solution In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic fallout, Singapore’s government sought to bolster the SME market, which employs 70% of the city-state’s workforce and generates 50% of its gross domestic product (GDP), in part through a risk-sharing program for loans to eligible SMEs. Early efforts […]