‘Every company is a technology company’ is new mantra for post-digital world

TBR perspective “Every company is a technology company.” That combined description and imperative from Accenture Group Chief Executive—Technology and CTO Paul Daugherty made clear how the company sees its clients now and entering the post-digital future. All companies will need the technological savvy and innovative culture of digital natives while pivoting from pilots to execution. […]

The federal IT market braces for impact

Uncertainty underpins the short- and long-term outlook for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the federal IT space. Federal agencies and their IT contractors face disruptions across their supply chains, operations, procurement functions and fiscal management. Near-term turbulence is inevitable Defense majors Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics, on March 19 and March 23, respectively, […]

COVID-19 creates pain, change and even pockets of opportunity for the IT industry

There is still a fog of uncertainty around COVID-19’s impact. What is clear, however, is this outbreak is unlike any event in living history. The long-term health crisis, economic disruption and social disruption are occurring at levels that were unfathomable just months ago. These changes are taking place in a world that is much different […]

In a market ripe for DT, Logicalis’ LATAM roots and innovative portfolio position it to lead the charge

TBR perspective As the LATAM ICT market rapidly catches up to North America and Europe in terms of adoption of digital-related technologies and, most importantly, a transformational mindset, Logicalis’ investments across its Digital Accelerators and Digital Solutions portfolios, backed by a strong foundation enabled by the company’s heritage as an infrastructure provider, strengthen its value […]

Vendors are embedding IoT throughout their organizations

Vendors are rebuilding their IoT GTM strategies Although vendors are deemphasizing IoT publicly, their overall businesses continue to grow at an accelerating rate slightly over 20%. While TBR is seeing more IoT-based projects than before, the average project scale is shrinking. And though a growing number of specialized solutions and components are entering the market, […]

Edge computing is a cross-industry revolution that will reshape every industry

The edge computing market spans a spectrum of use cases that meet various customer needs, including sensitivity for latency and analytics. According to TBR’s 1Q20 Enterprise Edge Compute Market Landscape, while the edge is not new, its use for low-latency-dependent applications and close-to-the-data computing has increased and will continue to do so to support connected […]

While upselling Zoho One and maintaining focus on SMBs, Zoho taps into enterprises as its portfolio matures

Zoho integrates enterprise capabilities into Zoho One and pushes upmarket While new enterprise customers are more likely to utilize apps from multiple vendors, Zoho has been successfully upselling Zoho One to customers, such as IIFL, that start with smaller product suites like CRM Plus. Zoho One includes Zoho’s bundled offerings for CRM, finance, human resources, […]