Red Hat Analyst Day 2021: Aspiring to make infrastructure a nonevent

Red Hat aspires to be the technology glue for the digital enterprise Red Hat rose to prominence simplifying technology stacks, with a mission to break the chokehold proprietary operating systems had on the enterprise via Enterprise Open Source, then extending that out to the various cloud developer platforms through its products. For this product strategy, […]

Hyperscalers are poised to disrupt the private cellular networks market over the next few years

Hyperscalers are poised to disrupt the private cellular networks market through their ecosystems, platforms and marketplaces Hyperscalers (especially Amazon, Google and Microsoft) intend to standardize, modularize and verticalize private cellular networks (PCN)-related solutions inside their ecosystems, platforms and marketplaces, especially as it pertains to 5G and edge computing. Hyperscalers are focused on hiding the complexity […]

Top 3 Predictions for Global Delivery in 2022

Robots hire robots, talent uproots to anywhere, and TikTok takes on TCS Fallout from the pandemic will lead to the most disruptive year in global delivery since the start of outsourcing TBR anticipates sea changes on three fronts in 2022. First, accelerated adoption and sustained refinement of automation will lead to AI-enabled platforms determining the […]

Top 3 Predictions for Data Center in 2022

Vendors respond to customers’ accelerated IT transformations​ Hardware vendors will race to further entrench themselves in customers’ ecosystems While storage, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and servers are the main products being sold by data center vendors, they are hardly noticeable in the go-to-market messaging that is being pushed out to customers. These vendors are more focused than ever on […]

Top 3 Predictions for IT Services in 2022

Sustainability — in talent, decarbonization and emerging tech — becomes the watchword for IT services Services is still people, even as compelling new forces like ESG and emerging technologies challenge IT services vendors Even with a rush of emerging technologies and responses to the pandemic at the forefront of IT services vendors’ strategies and client success […]

Top 3 Predictions for Federal IT Services in 2022

Where the money flows, IT services follow Federal spending priorities shifting to favor civilian agencies In three areas, the Biden administration’s pivot from defense spending to shoring up civilian agencies will have immediate effects on the federally focused IT services vendors. First, accelerated cloud adoption and new spending bringing cloud to civilian agencies will create […]

PwC’s The New Equation: Convening leadership to build trust and drive sustainable outcomes

A strategy to replace Vision 2020 and underline everything with trust   In October TBR met with PwC’s JC Lapierre, chief strategy and communications leader; Shannon Schuyler, chief purpose and inclusion officer leader; and Joe Atkinson, vice chair and chief products and technology officer. In a wide-ranging discussion that built on previous briefings and TBR’s […]

Top 3 Predictions for Telecom in 2022

Telecom industry faces new challenges in the post-pandemic era 2022 will be a transition year for the telecom industry After emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic relatively unscathed, the telecom industry is entering a new phase and faces a new set of challenges. These challenges include navigating a supply chain left in shambles due to the impact of […]