Entries by Chris Antlitz, Principal Analyst

The Telecom Industry Faces a Reckoning

TBR’s research indicates that the telecom industry has entered a period of rationalization and that the operator and vendor landscape, as well as the telecom business model, will fundamentally change over the next decade. The anti-pragmatic, restrictive and often hostile regulatory environment, coupled with macroeconomic headwinds (especially the relatively high cost of capital), and the inability for CSPs to truly transform into cloud-native digital service providers have brought the industry to this precipice.

Open RAN Adoption in 2024

Explore the slow development of the open RAN market in 2024. Despite vendor marketing and CSP interest, technological complexity and cost hinder mainstream adoption. Open RAN deployments remain limited to greenfield networks, while vRAN gains traction for its agility and cost efficiencies. Download TBR’s predictions for the telecom market in 2024 for insights into industry responses to challenges.