5G brings massive disruption to U.S. wireless market

The competitive landscape within the U.S. wireless market is transforming rapidly as a result of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger and disruption from new players including Dish Network, Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile and Altice Mobile. Heightened competitive pressures are spurring U.S. operators to revamp their go-to-market strategies to maintain market share as the 5G era […]

How leading vendors performed in the private cellular networks market in 2020

Private cellular networks, particularly LTE and 5G, have become a key growth area within the ICT ecosystem. Enterprises are investing in private cellular networks as part of their broader digital transformations and a broad array of vendors are capitalizing on opportunities in this space. Join Principal Analyst Chris Antlitz for an in-depth, exclusive review of […]

Leading enterprises are planning massive investments in DT over the next few years; 5G implicated in many cases

Drivers and Investments Several early adopter enterprises have opted for 5G versus Wi-Fi 6, portending a market shift to cellular. Leading retailers (e.g., Walmart and Walgreens) are adopting 5G and edge computing as part of their digital transformations (DT). Cloud providers (aka webscales) are focused on adding network applications to their cloud marketplace ecosystems to […]

Leading enterprises are planning massive investments in DT; 5G implicated in many cases

Leading enterprises intend to spend big on digital transformation, which in many cases implicates 5G Leading companies in their respective verticals, such as Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Ford and Deere & Co., are preparing to make relatively large investments in digital transformation (DT) over the next few years as they adjust to the post-pandemic new normal, […]

CSPs face brave new world in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to persist through at least 2021 as vaccines and other virus mitigation efforts take time to make their way through societies globally. In the meantime, the global economy remains in a state of suspended animation following unprecedented injections of fiscal and monetary stimulus by governments across numerous countries, which when […]

Webscales will ultimately become more like competitors than partners to operators to capitalize on 5G-era opportunities

Webscales are not the telco’s friend The Big Nine have various initiatives underway that will disrupt aspects of the telecom business model and pose a direct threat to operators’ existing connectivity businesses and their ability to capitalize on new value created from 5G. Though webscales are posturing like they want to partner with telcos on […]

The Big 9 will own and control the value chain in the digital era

Drivers and Investments The Big Nine’s underlying goal is to provide a seamless, end-to-end digital experience to end users that will maximize webscales’ value capture in the digital era. Webscales already own significant portions of long-haul transport, cloud data centers, SD-WAN and communications platforms globally, and TBR believes the next step will be for webscales […]