Changing the norm: Consultancies reimagine portfolios and talent composition

Consultancies must balance talent composition around technology and consulting to support the shift in business models to better retain clients and deliver on emerging needs brought out from digital adoption

IT infrastructure vendors balance demand hurdles and portfolio strategy in 2022

Despite demand hurdles, IT infrastructure vendors continue to invest in expanding their portfolios to capture greater wallet share from customers and create more diversified revenue streams

How has economic uncertainty impacted the cloud applications market in 2022?

Cloud applications vendors are pursing growth amid mounting economic uncertainty ranging from inflation challenges to geopolitical concerns — headwinds that are set to linger well into 2023

SAP and SoftwareONE: Persistent value through pragmatic transformation

Emphasizing pragmatic, incremental transformation over broad digital transformations helps SoftwareONE more easily define its value to clients

Cloud partnerships prove even more important than expected in 2022

The current macroeconomic uncertainty makes cloud partnerships an even more important factor in cloud growth heading into 2023

Native PaaS services delivered via hybrid architectures shape the cloud market in 2022

Throughout 2022 cloud service providers continue to recognize that PaaS services are only as effective as the architecture they run on

Automation enables business continuity and offsets macroeconomic-pressured human-centered implications

Macroeconomic pressures have compelled vendors to reconsider the true opportunity to scale the integration of automation in service delivery.

5G and edge computing remain top focus areas for telecom industry in 2022

Revenue growth from 5G and edge computing remains tepid thus far in 2022, but new use cases for these technologies are likely to emerge and scale as the digital ecosystem evolves

2022 was a good year for federal IT, but will 2023 be as growth-friendly?

Cloud-centered IT modernization, cybersecurity enhancement, and accelerating adoption of digital technologies feature heavily in federal IT outlays in 2022 and will again in 2023

Will IT services revenue grow despite the competitive talent environment?

For the rest of 2022, attracting and managing talent will remain vendors’ core challenge to successfully growing IT services revenue and managing costs