The long view: Which post-pandemic trends will shape the world in 2030?

The global COVID-19 pandemic revealed stark weaknesses across the entire technology ecosystem, including supply chains, regulatory environments and emerging technologies. Responses by cloud and software vendors, consultancies, and IT services vendors showed both their immediate operational needs — and opportunities — and the trends TBR believes will persist long-term in the post-pandemic world. Innovation continues, […]

From boom to bust and back: COVID-19 changes dynamics of consulting-led digital transformation programs

Rising uncertainty from the global COVID-19 outbreak combined with competitive pressures in traditional and emerging IT service areas such as digital, cloud and cybersecurity is challenging IT services and management consulting vendors’ performance. The pandemic has driven massive changes in human resource management and is creating opportunities for IT services vendors to enable clients’ remote […]

Business resiliency and people centricity: Fujitsu prepares for post-pandemic world

Putting people first, so they can put the customer first In the early weeks of the pandemic, Fujitsu’s global delivery centers quickly shifted to all-remote work environments, transitioning in waves as COVID-19 lockdowns moved from Asia to Europe and the Americas. Fujitsu’s leaders and on-the-ground managers passed along lessons learned in Japan, China, the Philippines […]

EY tackles COVID-19 and prepares for Next and Beyond

Now, Next, Beyond: The perfect framework for our COVID-19 present In a wide-ranging discussion centered on COVID-19, EY’s global leaders detailed for TBR the firm’s views on the current situation, the immediate needs and opportunities ahead in 2020, and what the post-pandemic reality will be for EY and its clients — Now, Next and Beyond. […]

Vendors pursue tactical run-the-business engagements to help clients react to COVID-19 and relaunch business operations

Management consulting market summary Outlook Regardless of whether the pandemic lingers, re-emerges in the second half of 2020 or significantly subsides, TBR expects consultancies will benefit from opportunities created by the chaos of COVID-19, such as uneven responses from government authorities around economic fallout, pandemic protocols and continued uncertainty throughout 2020. Vendors with greater scale, […]

Egypt and IT and the center of the world

What makes Egypt attractive Egypt’s growing IT services and technology sector has been built on important natural advantages and few forward-looking investments in recent years. The country’s proximity to Europe, considerably large and educated talent pool, and relatively low costs compared to nearshore locations such as Poland, Romania and Bulgaria make Egypt a natural hub […]

PwC Products: Not your father’s PwC

“Us disrupting ourselves” — PwC Digital’s journey to 2020 “In contrast to peers such as EY, which held an entire analyst conference focused on, and organized around, its technology consulting capabilities, PwC structured each of its client stories around the central business challenge, with the technology solution presented as only part of the successful outcome. […]

EY and technology: Embedding AI and moving beyond trust

Taking AI further EY’s “six habits” study provides detailed information and assessments of digital transformation leaders’ best practices as well as “actions for the boardroom,” such as “create a culture of continuous learning” and “embed innovation with corporate governance.” In previewing the study, TBR noted that the recommendations for boards to consider when accelerating AI […]