Dell Technologies and Draper: Helping IT help business

“Focusing on business outcomes” has become a very shopworn phrase for industry pundits. However, nothing crystalizes the power and importance of the concept more than detailed discussions with IT departments of flagship enterprises followed by tours of the business units they support. Seeing both affords insight into how these IT and line-of-business (LOB) entities view […]

Hustlers, hackers and heroes: EY’s technology consultants of a transformative age

Recognizing the value in data nerated by professional cyclists, captured but not monetized, EY worked with a startup consortium and upended the business model for cycling teams, creating a new revenue stream and changing the riders from captive to tour organizers to data and experience providers. This client study echoed throughout EY’s Technology Summit as […]

IBM Z Software: Refinancing rather than retiring technical debt increases Z relevance

Tying into a recent IBM Institute for Business Value thought leadership booklet entitled, “Incumbents Strike Back,” IBM (NYSE: IBM) has invested considerable time and effort into reminding analysts of the dominant install base IBM mainframes enjoy in large enterprises, where they transact 68% of the world’s economic activity. IBM categorizes its existing customers into three […]

Atos’ pragmatism cuts through the AI hype

Atos Technology Days 2018, held in Paris on July 4 and 5, displayed myriad practical applications of emerging technologies. It was not A science fair with a focus on the future, as many technology vendor events have been of late. Rather, Atos showcased artificial intelligence (AI)-infused applications powering prescriptive maintenance, digital twins, Internet of Things […]

Intelligent use of artificial intelligence: A tech provider’s guide to automation success

The enterprise automation market opportunity is nearing a tipping point where proof-of-concept tests using adaptive, emerging technologies are hardening and scaling. The gap increasingly widens between leaders and laggards, with leaders now moving from obvious cost take out initiatives into creative destruction pilots for new revenue sources in adjacent markets. Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), for example, […]

EY blockchain strategy: Betting on public chains with EY advisory for risk mitigation

Blockchain sits firmly ensconced in the hype phase, but appears poised in 2018 to move, as EY described it, into live industrial applications. Even in this industrialization phase, the applications are minimum viable products with potential extensions available if public policy can take a leadership role on fiat currency guidelines, if regulators can find ways […]

PwC Risk Assurance: Helping clients transition from ‘Why not?’ to ‘Why?’ to ‘How fast?’

Leaders pressured to “innovate or die” and “fail fast” in this new always-agile, everything-digital business environment have constantly been asked “Why not?” Sometimes, the question is a challenge to set ways of working; other times, it is a result of practiced work-arounds for existing technology. But with new risks from new business models and digital […]

The Business of One era requires new business planning and management practices

A new generation of incredibly powerful, flexible and responsive businesses is reshaping markets. Their ability to serve single customers at scale is what TBR terms the “Business of One.” The environmental forces triggering this shift are vast. Information velocity accelerates globally; digital information expands exponentially; competitive advantage windows compress rapidly; task work automates; acute labor […]