Egypt and IT and the center of the world

What makes Egypt attractive Egypt’s growing IT services and technology sector has been built on important natural advantages and few forward-looking investments in recent years. The country’s proximity to Europe, considerably large and educated talent pool, and relatively low costs compared to nearshore locations such as Poland, Romania and Bulgaria make Egypt a natural hub […]

COVID-19 will have a relatively limited impact on the TIS market overall as CSPs remain committed to and focused on deploying new technologies

Strong investments by webscales and China-based telcos will carry the telecom infrastructure services (TIS) market through the COVID-19 crisis relatively intact, with a shallow decline of relatively short duration expected in the overall market followed by a robust, sustained recovery as CSPs in other key countries accelerate their infrastructure initiatives to align with the new […]

COVID-19 dealt only a glancing blow to federal IT, but market dynamics are still shifting

COVID-19 will accelerate a range of secular trends in federal IT Despite the inevitable short-term impact of COVID-19 on federal technology outlays, IT infrastructure modernization will eventually return to the top of the list of federal IT spending priorities, as will investments in cybersecurity, analytics, AI, big data, cloud and machine learning. The epidemic will […]

Benchmark security revenue continues to increase, driven primarily by acquisitions in 2H19

Key 2H19 benchmark takeaways Total benchmarked revenue Double-digit growth among covered vendors was due to steady industry acquisitions and strong performance from many of the vendors, including IBM (NYSE: IBM), F5 Networks (Nasdaq: FFIV), CyberArk (Nasdaq: CYBR), Fortinet (Nasdaq: FTNT) and Splunk (Nasdaq: SPLK). TBR believes security demand continues to rapidly accelerate as companies execute […]

With use cases built on public chains in production, attention turns to public and private sector interaction

Near-term market implications: What is next, rather than beyond TBR believes the intersection of public policy and commerce is the next area where technologists will apply their energies within the blockchain realm. The core platform elements are in place with clearly articulated road maps for ongoing development work. At issue will be the policy regulations […]

Total benchmarked revenue growth slowed in 4Q19, but TBR expects the colocation market to remain strong amid COVID-19

Market summary Colocation market While slowing to single-digit growth, down from 10.6% in 2Q19, the colocation market continues to expand as colocation vendors address the shifting needs of enterprise and hyperscale vendors. According to TBR estimates, benchmarked vendors’ average data center services and colocation revenue increased 8.1% year-to-year in 4Q19 to an aggregate of $3.4 […]

IBM Think Digital 2020: Making the case for better together

IBM places hybrid cloud at the center of its digital transformation strategy from both a product and a services perspective At both the IBM and Red Hat sessions, there was no shortage of content that placed hybrid cloud at the center of digital transformation. Through various keynotes and sessions, IBM’s architectural approach, which places Red […]

Total commercial IoT market revenue is expected to grow from $385B in 2019 to $687B in 2025, a CAGR of 10.1%

Cloud services and IT services are fastest-growing component segments Cloud services will continue to be the fastest-growing segment of the IoT market despite inroads from edge and hybrid architectures. IT services, primarily design and implementation services, is also a strong segment, playing a role in both custom solutions and in integration and deployment of packaged […]

Telecom operators felt the effects from COVID-19 in 1Q20; the impact on telecom vendors will be more pronounced in 2Q20

Telecom market impact COVID-19 impacted the telecom industry during 1Q20 on different levels, with telecom operators feeling the initial effects during the quarter. TBR believes telecom vendors were initially shielded from the early effects, but we anticipate a deeper negative impact on both operators and vendors in 2Q20 as the pandemic plays out. Though company […]