Despite complexity and market challenges, CSP spend on NFV/SDN will grow at a 32.4% CAGR from 2019 to 2024 to nearly $147B

Key Insights NFV/SDN spend will scale through the forecast period as leading CSPs broaden their transformation initiatives and as other CSPs begin their transformational journeys. Operators will increasingly invest in virtualized network solutions, including vRAN and virtual network cores, to reap the full benefits of 5G. The pool of vendors capable of aiding telecom operators […]

Enterprise spend on private 5G infrastructure will grow at a TBR-projected 97.4% CAGR from 2020 to 2025 to $7.5B

Key Insights Global 2000 companies and governments will drive the vast majority (more than 90%) of spend on private 5G infrastructure through 2025. Leading enterprises intend to fundamentally transform their operations by converting IT and operational technology with 5G, edge computing, AI, machine learning and IoT. LTE and Wi-Fi will have a place in the […]

As COVID-19 pressures DMS opportunities, vendors seek alternative channels to increase brand stickiness

Key insights While marketing and advertising initiatives take a back seat, at least temporarily, digital transformation programs continue to mature as enterprises explore new connection points made possible by emerging technologies that help them embark on initiatives beyond discrete process areas. The 19 vendors benchmarked by TBR in our Digital Transformation: Digital Marketing Services report […]

Opportunities abound for enterprise security vendors as customers adapt their IT to the new COVID-19 world

Key insights COVID-19 rapidly increased the need for enterprise security in remote and edge environments to enable remote employees to work securely. Many multiline vendors in the enterprise security market also sell data center infrastructure and attach enterprise security sales to hardware sales to provide customers with complete solutions. Data center hardware backlogs therefore slowed […]

Headcount growth decelerated, revenue declined even faster as vendors felt the whiplash of pandemic-induced downturn

Overview The 14 vendors benchmarked in TBR’s Global Delivery Benchmark continued to hire and acquire resources, albeit at a much slower rate in 1H20 than in 1H19 due to COVID-19, a trend we expect to accelerate in 2H20. As vendors went into damage-control mode amid the pandemic, most deployed proven legacy cost rationalization methods, including […]

Rising cloud adoption and associated complexities present opportunities across service lines

Changes in general purchasing habits brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have proved disruptive for many professional services vendors; however, the market is expected to rebound quickly as customers replace legacy IT systems with cloud solutions. As a result, managed cloud services is expected to be the fastest-growing subsegment of the cloud professional services market, […]