Collaboration is key to the advancement of quantum computing technology

Key Insights

Commercialization is both a challenge and a solution in the quantum space. Commercializing systems will help alleviate some of the anticipated investment shortages as investors want faster ROI than the quantum landscape road map can promise.

Training can help end customers better understand the practical uses for quantum computing, as well as the capabilities of current systems and the approximate timeline of when systems will be powerful enough to meet unique business needs.

TBR’s Quantum Computing Market Landscape, which is global in scope, deep dives into the quantum computing-related initiatives of key players in the space. It lays out the vendor landscape, details current leaders and laggards, and discusses the differing strategies of vendors in the market. The report discusses alliances as well as the tie-ins between quantum computing vendors and their nonquantum computing counterparts. Predictions around use cases and workloads that will benefit initially from quantum computing are explored as well as current customer sentiment around the technology.

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