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Webscales in the digital ecosystem: Insights from TBR’s Telecom team

Webscales encroach on telecom sector to realize value of digital economy Trillions of dollars in economic value will be created globally from 5G, edge computing, AI and other new technologies during this decade, and TBR believes the world’s largest webscales (aka hyperscalers) will capture an outsized portion of this opportunity. Webscales are building end-to-end digital […]

How ecosystems turn cloud technology into solutions

As enterprise customers’ cloud deployments mature, they are exploring a greater variety of technology-enabled business processes. This trend presents a substantiative opportunity for cloud platform contenders but demands new ways of working with ecosystem partners. While independent software vendors (ISVs) add depth and breadth to portfolios, bringing solutions to market requires greater involvement from SI […]

Quick Quantum Quips: July quantum developments encompass the entirety of the ecosystem

Welcome to TBR’s monthly newsletter on the quantum computing market: Quick Quantum Quips (Q3). This market changes rapidly, and the hype can often distract from the realities of the actual technological developments. This newsletter keeps the community up to date on recent announcements while stripping away the hype around developments. For more details, reach out […]

Hyperconverged: Insights from TBR’s Data Center team

Speed of HCI market evolution accelerates due to COVID-19 Join Principal Analyst and Practice Manager Angela Lambert for a discussion on the top trends found in TBR’s Hyperconverged Platforms Customer Research. Angela will also share insights on how vendors can align to changes in enterprise customers’ infrastructure strategies and support customers’ top needs. Don’t miss: […]

TBR Insight Center: An Overview

TBR Insight Center™ is a powerful data visualization tool that allows clients to configure and curate analysis customized to their needs in a simple and intuitive interface. Join Senior Data Analyst Matt Bowden and Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Dan Demers for an exclusive overview and demonstration of this new digital platform prior to its September launch. […]

IT Services and Digital Transformation: Insights from TBR’s Professional Services team

Digital transformation amplifies IT services market trends As vendors branch out from traditional revenue bases, enabling innovation drives investments in sustainability services, product engineering and supply chain optimization. While cloud continues to be the main technology driving digital transformation investments, buyer-vendor relationships are entering the next phase, where parties must account for new ways of […]

TBR releases exclusive webinar content from June 2021

HAMPTON, N.H. (July 6, 2021) — Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) announces on-demand availability of its June 2021 webinars, featuring discussions on 5G’s impact on the U.S. wireless market, expectations for the PC market in 2021 and 2022, the value of cloud during the pandemic, and the influence of geopolitics on the telecom infrastructure services […]