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Top 3 Predictions for Devices in 2022

Devices demand to decelerate in 2022 Devices market will see growth return to pre-pandemic levels throughout 2022 Many thought the initial surge in devices demand would quickly fade after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that has not been the case. Revenue growth across the ecosystem, especially in PCs and tablets, has been much […]

TBR releases exclusive webinar content from December 2021

HAMPTON, N.H. (Dec. 29, 2021) — Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) announces on-demand availability of its December 2021 webinars, featuring discusses on expectations for innovation and transformation centers in 2022, 5G over the next five years, hardware subscription services growth, and more. The silver lining of downward pressures that innovation and transformation centers are facing […]

Top 3 Predictions for Cloud Infrastructure & Platforms in 2022

As vendors embrace open, hybrid architectures, PaaS emerges as the source of differentation Vendors adjust strategies as clients ask for open and flexible IT Customer demand for more open, cross-cloud services will shape vendor investments through 2022. Vendors traditionally known for locking customers in to their technology, including IaaS incumbent Amazon Web Services (AWS), will […]

Top 3 Predictions for Cloud Applications in 2022

SaaS will see new vendors, bigger workloads and more customization Consistent growth masks considerable change in SaaS during 2022 The expectations for what cloud can offer customers have shifted, and in no market is that more clear than with cloud applications and SaaS. The financial benefits of cloud, both the lower overall cost and the […]

Proven capabilities in the U.S. enable Infosys to become a trusted partner one client at a time

North America client scale and longevity provides Infosys with a robust foundation for enabling trusted delivery transformation North America is Infosys’ (Nasdaq: INFY) largest region, composing 61.9% of total revenue and growing 23.1% year-to-year in 3Q21. Accelerated growth momentum in the region — regional sales have rebounded from -0.5% on an annual basis in the […]

PwC Procurement on Demand Services: Making procurement less painful

A proven strategy: Start, test, build, evolve internally In early November, TBR spoke with PwC’s Procurement on Demand Services team, including Scott Boruff, Becky Mackin, Michael Giguere and John Fafian, to better understand how their offering has evolved and what challenges they are facing as 2022 approaches. According to Boruff, PwC’s internal procurement professionals implemented […]

2022 Expectations: Insights from TBR’s Professional Services team

2021 featured accelerated changes in digital transformation, IT services and consulting markets that led TBR to reevaluate its coverage of these spaces. Going into 2022, we will be diving deep into new research streams and established areas. Join Practice Manager and Principal Analyst Patrick Heffernan and TBR’s entire Professional Services team for a free-wheeling discussion […]

The IT services predictions set to shape 2022

“The firm’s senior analyst, Elitsa Bakalova, claimed that the trends focus on the theme of sustainability — in hiring practices, climate change and emerging technologies. ‘Even with a rush of emerging technologies and responses to the pandemic at the forefront of IT services [providers’] strategies and client success stories, the fundamentals of IT services remain rooted in people […]

5G market update: Insights from TBR’s Telecom team

The global 5G market is entering the ramp stage. Driven by China, the U.S., South Korea and select countries that were among the early deployers of the technology, communication service providers (CSPs) in other countries will begin adopting and deploying 5G over the next five years. Unprecedented government stimulus targeted at the ICT sector and […]