Digital transformation for market, competitive and strategy intelligence

TBR is the first place we look for a foundational, normalized view to benchmark against core competitors in markets that are important to our firm. — Senior Manager, Strategy, Big Four

TBR dedicates a significant portion of our research to the technologies and company actions around digital transformation. We have found that the most impactful digital transformation action vendors take is the simultaneous transformation of their business process and business model. TBR has spent years analyzing the world’s leading IT services vendors and management consultancies as they practice the art of digital transformation, and in September 2021 we will proudly share the product of our own transformation with the launch of TBR Insight Center™.

The legacy market research company model of report building and data gathering was one of rigidity. Output, and the related analyst activity, was on a quarterly or annual cadence, which created a decreased ability for analysts to react and pivot to rapid changes in the market. TBR’s digital transformation first focused on modernizing our internal systems, including our research and modeling processes. The result is a proprietary, digitally enabled market, competitive and strategy intelligence platform that quickens time to insight, decision and risk mitigation for our clients.

Gone are the days of searching through multiple issues of the same vendor analysis to find the perfect quote, chart or actionable insight. With TBR Insight Center™, users will be able to curate an ongoing stream of real-time analysis, keyed to the vendors or topics of greatest interest.

Publicly released financials will continue to be the first step in the data gathering process for TBR’s empirically opinionated, bottom-up analysis, but it is just the beginning. TBR will leverage 26 years of financial modeling expertise, along with modern data science, among other methodologies, to derive a level of proprietary data unavailable via other sources. Users will be able to select their desired vendors, metrics, time periods, geographies and verticals, taking a syndicated — or “off the shelf” — stream of research and customizing it to the specific application and uses cases required. These views can be built, saved and distributed within your company with ease. Data can also be fed into Excel or directly to your own systems for internal modeling and report building. Beta users of TBR Insight Center™ have attested to saving dozens of hours per month with this simple, but dramatic, workflow transformation powered by our digital-first research platform.

Additionally, significant events, announcements and disruptions occur off-cadence, creating gaps in delivery of analysis within the legacy frameworks. TBR Insight Center™ will display our analysts’ real-time analysis of these events within users’ custom dashboards and reports. This workflow transformation, leveraging our digital platform internally, cuts the time needed to build market reports from up to two months to a matter of days.

Tools our industry experts used to accelerate collaboration during TBR’s internal transformation are now available to TBR Insight Center™ users. Clients’ teams can build custom dashboards with comments sections where they can pull in configurable, curatable and composable analysis from TBR content as a basis for their own internal company discussions of their business operations. This analysis is displayed on a private instance of TBR Insight Center™ via your firm’s existing licensing agreement.

During the recent change within TBR, not only did collaboration accelerate because of the efficacy of our digital transformation, but we also saw an overall increase in collaboration across the broader organization. As friction was removed through our digital transformation, we saw a multiplying effect; cross-practice analysis occurred faster and happened with greater frequency. This efficiency has enabled an already world-class organization to increase speed to operational intelligence. These same collaboration and distribution functions are native to TBR Insight Center™. The only question that remains is, how will your organization maximize our digital transformation and the delivery of TBR analysis within your firm?

De-risk and speed time to business decisions with the right data and the right analysis in the right hands, all while enabling collaboration on those insights and data. Multiply your firm’s operational intelligence with TBR Insight Center™, available September 2021.

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