Leading CSPs and webscales implement new ICT architecture to fully capitalize on digital era

Insights from TBR’s 2020 Telecom Predictions

Key technologies, most notably cloud, virtualization, 5G, edge computing, AI and machine learning (ML), are coalescing to usher in a new era, commonly referred to as the digital era, but also referred to as the 5G era or the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). It is widely expected that during this era, industries will be fundamentally transformed, people’s lives will be greatly enhanced, and productivity will enter a new phase of sustained growth, all of which will contribute to an economic boom and improved standard of living. Communication service providers (CSPs) have a golden opportunity to play a critical role in the digital era by providing not only ubiquitous, intelligent connectivity but also value-added services that participate in and enable this economic development.

TBR’s research suggests 2020 will be a springboard year for the telecom industry’s development of the new architecture, with spend in the key markets of 5G, network virtualization and edge computing poised to ramp up significantly through the middle of the next decade. TBR also anticipates that systems integrators will play a much broader and key role in helping CSPs transform their businesses and networks and that webscales will increasingly encroach on CSP turf as they concurrently pursue new value created from the aforementioned technologies.

Join Principal Analyst Chris Antlitz on Feb. 12 as he provides leading-edge analysis on where the telecom industry is heading and how the digital era will impact stakeholders in the telecom ecosystem.

Don’t miss topics including:

  • Why webscales are building out the edge
  • How the open RAN and vRAN markets are developing
  • Why systems integrators will play a key role in CSP transformations

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