December 09, 2020

COVID-19 reveals true colors of creative advisory services

Regardless of whether the pandemic lingers, re-emerges with a greater power in the fall or significantly subsides, TBR expects management consultancies will benefit from opportunities created by the chaos of COVID-19 as vendors address clients’ tactical run-the-business needs and expand activities around digital workplace, change management, HR and supply chain operations. Vendors with greater scale, more established technology-centric brands, and deeper partnerships with cloud and software providers will weather the crisis and alleviate pressures on front-end management consulting by price-conscious clients that demand flexible payment terms. Meanwhile, the need for customer experience (CX)-centric workshops remains in flux, as what was the go-to-market approach just over nine months ago is now being recalibrated to account for limited physical and in-person sessions, impacting many of leading vendors’ design-led creative services performances.

Join Patrick HeffernanBoz HristovElitsa Bakalova and Kelly Lesiczka as they reveal key findings around leading management consulting vendors’ performance as well as how investments in marketing and creative services many of these vendors have pursued over the past five years are now playing out.

Don’t miss:

  • How major management consulting vendors performed during the first nine months of 2020
  • What the key trends are in the management consulting segments
  • How demand for CX-centric advisory sessions went from boom to bust and if it will come back in 2021

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