Amid the pandemic, new offerings and new footprints for IT services vendors

As the COVID-19 pandemic upended every business, some IT services vendors looked for new opportunities to address clients’ rapidly changing business and technology needs, including adjustments to massive-scale remote working and heightened cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Internally, a number of IT services vendors reacted to the pandemic by examining their own global headcount and sourcing resources needed to deliver services. TBR’s various special reports on products and offerings developed specifically to address pandemic-related challenges and a few changes in vendors’ global footprints provide the background for understanding marketwide trends and anticipating changes coming in 2021. 

Join Patrick Heffernan and Kelly Lesiczka as they detail a few of the most notable new pandemic-sparked products and offerings and then examine the larger trends among vendors’ responses to COVID-19, including recent and expected shifts in global staffing.

Don’t miss:

  • Which IT services vendors and consultancies came to market fastest with solutions specific to COVID-19
  • What portfolio and talent trends started during the pandemic are most likely to be sustained through 2021
  • How global staffing for IT services will change in the near term, and which countries might see a boost in IT services-related jobs
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