Connectivity will be ‘free’

The connectivity business model is poised to fundamentally change during the 5G era, and the telecom industry might see and will need to be prepared for a world where selling metered data access is no longer viable. New models have emerged, driven by the webscales, that portend a world where consumer network access could become “free” or close to free. Historical precedence and future context will be provided demonstrating that this radical change could indeed be feasible and that the market has a high probability of ultimately going in this direction during this decade.

Join Principal Analyst Chris Antlitz for an in-depth, exclusive review of TBR’s most recent Webscale ICT Market Landscape where he will discuss how webscales’ digital-first, platform-centric model can create a fundamentally new industrial framework for providing “free” connectivity in an economically feasible manner.

TBR’s Webscale ICT Market Landscape focuses on the nine webscales (aka the Big Nine) that TBR believes will own the largest, most comprehensive end-to-end digital ecosystems in the digital era. Specifically, this list includes Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Microsoft, Rakuten and Tencent. The report includes key findings, market size, customer adoption, webscale positioning and strategies, geographic adoption, vendor positioning and strategies, and acquisition and alliance strategies and opportunities.

Don’t miss:

  • Which webscales are likely to drive this move toward “free” connectivity
  • How webscales will make money from “free” connectivity
  • What will happen to traditional operators amid this coming market disruption
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