The long view: Which post-pandemic trends will shape the world in 2030?

The global COVID-19 pandemic revealed stark weaknesses across the entire technology ecosystem, including supply chains, regulatory environments and emerging technologies. Responses by cloud and software vendors, consultancies, and IT services vendors showed both their immediate operational needs — and opportunities — and the trends TBR believes will persist long-term in the post-pandemic world. Innovation continues, and the underlying technologies that will rapidly transform business and society in what some futurists call a “step function” will materialize when the quantum compute engine matures enough to be deployed in live applications. So what do recent trends and events tell us about what the world will look like, especially with respect to the technology business, in 2030?

Join Geoff Woollacott, Patrick Heffernan, Bozhidar Hristov, Jack McElwee and Kelly Lesiczka July 15 as they describe pre-pandemic technology trends that were shaping the digital transformation world and the post-digital era, then transition to predictions for the world in 2030.

Don’t miss:

  • How we got here
  • Pandemic-induced changes across the technology ecosystem
  • Trends that will persist and trends that will emerge by 2030
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