Webinar: TBR Insight Center launch

TBR Insight Center: An Overview

TBR Insight Center™ is a powerful data visualization tool that allows clients to configure and curate analysis customized to their needs in a simple and intuitive interface. Join Senior Data Analyst Matt Bowden and Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Dan Demers for an exclusive overview and demonstration of this new digital platform prior to its September launch.

A few of the TBR Insight Center™ features we will highlight:

  • Real-time business analysis of the top technology vendors at a granular level unavailable publicly
  • Apples to apples comparisons of the leading vendors, by business unit, across all critical segments of the global ICT landscape
  • Data visualizations and qualitative analysis on vendor performance across key business metrics (e.g., revenue, expense, margin) by business unit, geo and industry vertical

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 28, 2021, at 1 p.m. EDT,
and REGISTER to reserve your space for this interactive demonstration.

Click here to access more TBR webinars.


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