Niche enterprise edge vendors disrupt the enterprise edge compute market

New and reformatted use cases have emerged at the edge that help companies meet safety requirements and allow employees to return to the physical workplace. Longer-term solutions that will help dictate how we live in the new normal will rely more heavily on edge technology, further increasing desire for the already high-demand enterprise edge compute infrastructure and related applications. Additional use cases will emerge at the edge as companies worldwide adjust their operations to ensure they are meeting safety guidelines, which will require increased visibility of their customers and employees. To meet the varied demands of new use cases and extend existing ones, enterprise and niche edge players are building out a strategy rooted in innovation and automation and are increasingly looking to build and sustain strategic partnerships to accelerate time-to-market.

Join Nicole Catchpole and Stephanie Long for a discussion on how COVID-19 has created new opportunities at the already thriving enterprise edge. The analysts will also discuss niche players and emerging startups that have relevant offerings that address companies’ needs during the pandemic.

Don’t miss:

  • Emerging enterprise edge use cases, including those related to COVID-19, and customer examples
  • Niche and startup players with differentiated edge compute offerings
  • The increasing relevance of strategic partnerships
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