Atos gains AI consulting expertise through the Miner & Kasch acquisition to enable digital transformations

Miner & Kasch’s deep AI expertise in North America helps Atos extend global reach and scale

According to Atos SVP of Big Data & Security Jerome Sandrini, Miner & Kasch’s appeal included raw talent — “pure data scientists, real PhDs, not citizen data scientists” — and reusable components, particularly assets that will work with Atos’ Edge servers. Listening to Miner & Kasch co-founder Niels Kasch walk through several use cases, TBR understood both of Sandrini’s points, as the technical expertise was matched with examples of applying distinct approaches and solutions across multiple industries. Sandrini also noted Atos’ commitment to ensuring Miner & Kasch is integrated fully into the larger Atos but not diluted, retaining its agility and culture. Miner & Kasch resources were merged with resources gained from the zData acquisition in 2017. The Miner & Kasch acquisition accelerates Atos’ Data Science as a Service offering and improves the company’s ability to deploy edge and next-generation data science platforms for industry solutions.

Since the beginning of 2019, Atos has been following a bolt-on acquisitions approach to gain capabilities and intellectual property and support its expansion in areas with growth potential. In 2019 Atos made two purchases with 100 employees each, IDnomic in identity and access management and X-perion Consulting in energy and utilities consulting. In 2020 Atos announced six acquisitions, three in the U.S. and three in France, ranging from 50 to 800 employees, targeting new areas of expansion for Atos and offering small-scale capabilities with IP: Maven Wave (U.S.) in Google Cloud; Miner & Kasch (U.S.) in AI and data science; Paladion (U.S.) in AI-driven cybersecurity and risk analytics; AliA Consulting (France) for SAP S/4 HANA; EcoAct (France) in decarbonization; and (France) in cybersecurity services.

In April Atos announced the acquisition of Maryland-based data analytics consulting boutique Miner & Kasch, folding it into Atos’ zData business group to create a team of more than 100 AI consultants. TBR spoke with Miner & Kasch co-founders Donald Miner and Niels Kasch, zData CEO Dan Feldhusen, and Atos SVP of Big Data & Security Jerome Sandrini about Atos’ strategy behind the acquisition and expectations for the zData business group heading into 2021.

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