Vendors enhance core competencies with strategic purchases and AI investment to address IT challenges in the analytics services market

All vendors tracked in TBR’s Digital Transformation: Analytics Professional Services Benchmark except Oracle expanded their analytics services revenue in 1Q20, albeit at a slower pace from the previous year, highlighting that optimizing IT operations — through the use of analytics — is becoming table stakes for buyers.

Accenture took over the No. 1 spot from IBM Services in revenue size in 1Q20, something TBR saw coming a couple of years ago. In TBR’s 1Q18 A&I Professional Services Benchmark, we wrote, “In 1Q14, when TBR launched the inaugural edition of this benchmark, Accenture’s quarterly A&I services revenue was just over half the volume of IBM’s. In 1Q18 Accenture was nearly 85% of IBM’s size in overall A&I services revenue, surpassing Big Blue in three service lines and one region. Though IBM made significant strides to reshape its services organization over the last four years, those efforts came too late to protect its market share.”

TBR’s Digital Transformation: Analytics Professional Services Benchmark addresses changes in leading digital transformation vendors’ strategies and performances as well as their investments and go-to-market positions as it relates to the ever-evolving analytics services market. The report includes use cases and analysis of IT services’ and consultancies’ management of technology partnerships as well as highlights region-specific market trends to benchmark key service line, regional and operational data across 20 leading analytics services vendors.

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