From boom to bust and back: COVID-19 changes dynamics of consulting-led digital transformation programs

Rising uncertainty from the global COVID-19 outbreak combined with competitive pressures in traditional and emerging IT service areas such as digital, cloud and cybersecurity is challenging IT services and management consulting vendors’ performance. The pandemic has driven massive changes in human resource management and is creating opportunities for IT services vendors to enable clients’ remote working models. Client retention amid this disruption and the global economic slowdown will be the single most important strategic imperative.

Join Patrick Heffernan, Bozhidar Hristov, Elitsa Bakalova and Kelly Lesiczka July 29 as they reveal key findings around leading IT services and management consulting vendors’ performance as well as evolving buyer expectations around service delivery and vendor consolidation.

Don’t miss:

  • Key trends in IT services and management consulting during the first half of 2020
  • Go-to-market strategies used to create new solutions
  • Enterprise sentiment toward digital transformation initiatives in the time of COVID-19
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