Digital transformation in 2020: How hype gets scale and substance

TBR continues to track the evolution of emerging technologies, the changing roles of business models for vendors, and enterprises’ expectations as digital transformation further shifts from hype to concrete offerings delivered by IT services and technology vendors. The next wave of change will bring further disruption, but also scale and speed that will separate the industry leaders from the laggards.   

Join Senior Analyst Boz Hristov and Principal Analyst Patrick M. Heffernan as they dig into key findings from TBR’s full 2019 Digital Transformation Insights portfolio.

Don’t miss:

  • How consultancies and IT services vendors have shaped their offerings around digital transformation to meet new client demands and competitors’ evolving strengths and weaknesses
  • Which vendors TBR sees as leaders in the digital transformation space and if they will continue to lead in 2020 and in 2025
  • What trends across TBR’s Digital Transformation Insights portfolio say about expectations in emerging technologies and new business models
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