September 16, 2020

Cloud vendors expand their go-to-market tool kits

Customers’ desire for choice and flexibility coupled with complex market dynamics are shifting the cloud landscape, forcing vendors to adopt technology-neutral approaches through partnerships and targeted acquisitions.

Join Allan Krans, Nicole Catchpole, Jack McElwee and Catie Merrill Sept. 16 for a discussion on how vendor go-to-market strategies are evolving and becoming increasingly creative in the cloud era. TBR’s Cloud team will also deep dive into recent go-to-market activities of leading cloud players, including regional- and industry-specific trends that vendors are capitalizing on to become more competitive, efficient and agile.

Don’t miss:

  • Examples and analysis of coopetition and strategic alliances
  • Recent high-profile acquisition activity
  • Global trends and geographic nuances
  • Industry-specific insights and use cases

TBR webinars are held typically on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. ET and include a 15-minute Q&A session following the main presentation. Previous webinars can be viewed anytime on TBR’s Webinar Portal.

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