Customers care less, vendors buy more, and both sides become more intelligent

An exclusive review of TBR’s 2019 Cloud Predictions

The entire cloud market is becoming more defined, consolidated and focused on the business value being delivered. This increasing maturity is prompting acquisitions by leading vendors, which will intensify in 2019. Not only are big purchases being integrated, but more large purchases will be announced in the race to meet rising customer investment in cloud solutions. Even as customers spend more on cloud, they increasingly care less about the specific delivery method, resulting in widespread hybrid implementations. Lastly, the rise of integrated analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will move customers further along in their journeys to transform their processes and technology to become more intelligent businesses.

Join Allan Krans, Cassandra Mooshian, Meaghan McGrath and Jack McElwee as they dig into developments in the cloud market through 2018 and expectations for 2019.

Don’t miss:

  • The risk and reward for additional cloud acquisitions
  • How customer decision making is evolving to focus more on outcomes than delivery methods
  • How the integration of emerging analytics and AI technologies is helping customers implement more intelligent solutions and growing revenue streams for vendors


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