Kurian brings enterprise smarts to Google Cloud

During his tenure at Oracle, Thomas Kurian proved himself as a balance of technical savvy and business strategist at a company that serves the largest enterprises in the world. He reportedly left Oracle because he believed more fully in a strategy to coexist with the cemented leaders in the public cloud IaaS market. Both of these points fit Google Cloud’s aspirations well.

Creating its Google Cloud division and appointing Diane Greene as its CEO in November 2015 was the first step Google, Inc. made to tell a cohesive story around its managed cloud services and more effectively vie for share of the enterprise cloud market in competition with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, among others. Greene’s enterprise experience from co-founding VMware qualified her to start this transition, but potential Google customers have indicated to TBR that Greene’s empathy had not effectively trickled down the organization to complete the business messaging enterprises are looking for. TBR believes Kurian is a perfect fit to complete what was started by Greene, and he will be able to wrap Google’s technical abilities in a more clear and compelling enterprise story.

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