February 06, 2019

The pendulum swings: Customer demands reshape how infrastructure vendors do business

Insights from TBR’s 2019 Data Center Predictions

The data center remains an evolving pillar of the enterprise ecosystem. Emerging technologies such as 5G, NVMe, quantum computing and blockchain are reshaping how these technologies work together, while rapidly rising demand for the cloud is causing data center vendors to rethink strategies such as go to market and investment.

Join Geoff Woollacott, Stephanie Long and Catie Merrill as they take a deep dive into how infrastructure vendors will support their clients’ digital transformation plans and the new strategies that will emerge.    TBR’s analyst team will provide a snapshot of how the data center market will evolve during 2019.

Don’t miss:

  • How infrastructure partnerships will enable rapid transformation
  • How R&D will shift as evolving customer demand pushes infrastructure vendors to the edge
  • What new technologies and trends will shape 2019 for infrastructure vendors


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