Be bold and get moving: PwC on risk, digital transformation and embracing data

TBR perspective

With risk permeating every business conversation and PwC accelerating investments in digital-related offerings, including PwC Connected Solutions, which sits within its Risk and Regulatory Platform business, the firm has prepared for the next wave of opportunities. Trading on trust remains at the core, especially as the politics of data continue to disrupt PwC and its clients. Becoming customer zero keeps PwC consistent with peers, while pulling in risk differentiates, particularly against non-Big Four competitors. But the firm creates a good use case for embracing digital when it comes to managing risk. PwC’s broad spectrum of capabilities, including digital risk solutions, internal audit support, cyber and privacy advisory, due diligence, and third-party certification, add necessary dimension to its risk practice. They also help PwC protect its spot in the market as the shift to digital operations elevates the strategic importance of risk and compliance functions.

“By rethinking risk, you create confidence at scale”

Across client panels, which featured risk and IT professionals from various industries and countries, similar themes emerged, including the evolution of understanding the value of smart risk-taking (Being a smarter risk taker through digital transformation, a recent PwC paper). Additionally, panelists, attendees, and PwC risk and consulting specialists spoke of the profound shift from managing and containing risk to leveraging risk processes and profiles to build transparency and confidence in an organization and enhancing trust with customers and partners. The similarities among the professionals’ comments created layers of emphasis, particularly around trust and scale.

One client noted, “Companies that know and manage risk smartly, build trust with their customers [and] move faster themselves.” The client explained that risk management enables his company to build trust with customers faster and react to security issues more quickly than competitors. When a futurist spoke about emerging technologies and their impact on future organizations, he peppered his remarks with comments around the ethics of powerful technologies. The underlying questions: “Is the system trustworthy?” and “Can we trust the people [working those systems?]”

Scale risk management across an organization through developing talent

The PwC client who reintroduced PwC’s tagline, “by rethinking risk, you create confidence at scale” succinctly pulled together two recurring thoughts across this year’s Risk Summit: talent and digital transformation. Multiple clients and PwC professionals spoke of the importance of talent. One client stated, “The first priority is to develop talent,” even as they recognized that decreasing budgets for risk management and increasing competition for skilled IT talent resulted in pressure to expand an appreciation for risk more widely across an organization — or essentially to scale risk management practices through education and analytics-based decision making. Not surprisingly, all of these issues and opportunities fall well within the scope of PwC’s expertise.

For the second year in a row, TBR attended PwC’s annual Risk Summit, a client-centric event geared toward sharing lessons learned among client risk professionals and presenting PwC’s thinking on risk and successes to date to the analyst community. This year the summit featured multiple client panels and created a clear picture of issues most prominent in the Risk space.

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