Cisco acquisitions in 2019 bolster service provider strategy

“Chris Antlitz, an analyst at Technology Business Research Inc., said Cisco’s DX strategy stems from its longtime relationship with carriers, which he said accounts for about a quarter of Cisco’s overall revenue. “‘They’re building an architecture that telcos want to align with,’ Antlitz said. ‘These acquisitions strengthen the value proposition of the architecture they’re building.’” […]

HPE telco vertical ‘key gateway’ for future growth

“According to analyst firm Technology Business Research (TBR), the vendor’s previously ‘marginalised’ Communications and Media Solutions (CMS) has received new life amid the global business transformation sweep.  “In particular, the changes prompted by 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will become a ‘key growth pillar’ for HPE as new opportunities emerge in the […]

CSP 5G revenue will be ‘minimal’ in short-term

“At first, high device prices and the limited service coverage will mean immediate revenue gains are small for CSPs such as Telstra and Optus, according to principal analyst Chris Antlitz. “However, business customers will provide the greatest opportunity for long-term 5G revenue generation as enterprises are more likely to take advantage of the ultra-low latency […]

5G benefits in healthcare industry

The 5G network will augment the facilities in healthcare, however, according to technology business Research’s Antlitz, CIOs should not consider telemedicine as a ‘low hanging fruit’. “5G can revolutionize healthcare from that perspective,” commented Antlitz. “It’s basically just video conferencing. It’s a real-time, high-resolution, no buffering type experience that you can’t get with 4G.” Full […]

IBM’s play post-Red Hat deal: Dominate ‘Chapter 2 of the Cloud’

IBM will use OpenShift to bring a consistent cloud value proposition, remaining agnostic toward delivery method, location or cloud provider now that it has acquired Raleigh-based Red Hat. In 2015 Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst made a statement at an analyst day presentation that Red Hat aimed to do to the PaaS [platform as a […]

Small IoT players likely to disappear or ‘get eaten by bigger fish’

“According to analyst firm Technology Business Research (TBR), larger tech players are likely to decrease their IoT businesses and investments while smaller companies will ‘disappear or get eaten by bigger fish’ due to their non-differentiated portfolios. “However, the last one and a half years have seen ‘increased sanity and smarter messaging around IoT’ which has […]

T-Mobile’s 5G Plans Remain on Track

“Steve Vachon, telecom analyst at Technology Business Research, also considers 600 MHz spectrum to be at the ‘foundation’ of T-Mobile’s 5G strategy. ‘The coverage range provided by the licenses will enable the operator to provide nationwide 5G coverage in 2020,’ he wrote in a research note.” Full article

5G network investment will push Capex for NFV and SDN

“TBR expects the use of white-box hardware in NFV / SDN environments will proliferate, accounting for 60 percent of NFV / SDN hardware spend in 2023, up from 15 percent in 2018. This industry shift toward white-box hardware will significantly disrupt incumbent OEMs’ business models, prompting them to evolve into software-centric companies.” Continue reading