Analysis: When expectations do not match the actual cost in cloud

In the relationship between customer and business, expectations are everything. In a lot of ways, the shift to cloud computing has evened the playing field for what is expected in terms of cost, responsibilities, and the services exchanged between IT customers and providers. With cloud services, customers can experience far more of a service before […]

Why partners are absolutely vital to Lenovo

If you take a look at industry benchmarks, such as those recently published by Technology Business Research, you see Lenovo outscoring its peers in customer satisfaction[1] in almost every attribute, giving Lenovo the highest overall score. And, for the tenth straight year, IBM and Lenovo servers again achieved top rankings[2] in ITIC’s 2017-2018 Global Server […]

SAIC sees more market stability & another CR in September

To remain competitive in those (SETA) areas may require engaging in M&A to add scale; alternatively, moving up the value chain means investing more in applications development and higher-skilled talent. SAIC has options, and its next choices will determine its fate in a rapidly changing industry. — Joey Cresta, Analyst Full Article