The emerging and evolving landscape of enterprise edge computing

TBR launches its inaugural Enterprise Edge Compute Market Landscape this week. The report profiles key vendors playing in the enterprise edge compute market as well as trends in alliance and acquisition activity, emerging market opportunities, and use cases and business cases for edge. As a complement to TBR’s Telecom Edge Compute Market Landscape, this new reportalso details high-level market forecast estimates for the significant enterprise edge compute opportunity.

On Wednesday Senior Analysts Stephanie Long and Nicole Catchpole will host an exclusive preview of TBR’s findings in its Enterprise Edge Computing Market Landscape. In this webinar, the pair will analyze the enterprise edge market, which is providing an emerging and rapidly evolving opportunity for existing data center and cloud players as well as entrants across a broad spectrum of industries. Register today for “The emerging and evolving landscape of enterprise edge computing,” and visit our Webinar Portal to view all of TBR’s previously aired webinars.

Additional assessments publishing this week from our analyst teams

“Further developing NTT DATA’s emerging technology portfolio improves the company’s market position and enables it to seek cross-selling opportunities to broaden engagements and deepen client relationships, as it leverages previous acquisitions and ongoing internal investments to support efforts to expand client wallet share.” Senior Analyst Kevin Collupy

“DXC Technology is utilizing both organic and inorganic investments to expand its next-generation IT services capabilities, aligning its portfolio with client demand while incrementally strengthening its market perception.” Collupy

Cognizant’s focus on evolving from its traditional roots to a digital transformation leader resulted in multiple acquisitions and a flurry of restructuring efforts in 2019, led by the company’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO) that was formed in 2Q19. Recently, the DTO announced a restructured sales and commercial model as part of Cognizant’s 2020 Fit For Growth Plan, including new incentive plans for sales members to prioritize key solutions and services as well as the formation of new customer segments .TBR believes Cognizant’s success during 2020 will be tied directly to the efforts of its DTO, and TBR will be monitoring further initiatives being set forth by the group.” Analyst Kelly Lesiczka

T-Mobile ended 2019 on a high note, surpassing postpaid net addition, adjusted EBITDA and free cash flow expectations. This momentum will continue in 2020 as T-Mobile attracts customers via new Un-carrier initiatives, while improved network coverage realized by 600MHz spectrum deployment will help retain customers. The widespread 5G coverage provided by 600MHz spectrum will also help T-Mobile gain a time-to-market advantage during the 5G era’s infancy.” Analyst Steve Vachon

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