TBR Weekly Preview: April 1-5

As we start into the second quarter, we will be examining companies’ 1Q19 earnings as they release. For this week, look for more benchmarks and special reports.  


  • In our quarterly Healthcare IT Services Benchmark, we note that healthcare IT services vendors are finding it increasing difficult to scale revenues from existing provider clients simply on the coattails of prior health IT investments. Not only have health systems adopted a more judicious approach to their IT budgeting, but the burden is increasing on health IT vendors to deliver maximum ROI with every engagement. Pockets of growth do exist and new ones are emerging, even as the overall trend in health IT spend moderates. The benchmark scenario points out that the ground continues to shift beneath the feet of both health plans and their IT services vendors alike as digitization takes hold, mHealth tools are employed by increasingly tech-savvy health plan members, and the insights from data analytics become the new currency.
  • TBR’s 4Q18 Data Center Benchmark highlights the performance of key players in the data center infrastructure market. In our 4Q18 PowerPoint and Excel report bundle, technology spotlights include some recent developments in the quantum computing and high-performance computing spaces that will impact, whether directly or indirectly, the data center market landscape in the coming years. Additional highlights include the impact of the newly launched Lenovo-NetApp joint venture in China, the IBM Z product cycle, and the growing implications of political tensions on data center vendors’ financial performance. (Contact Stephanie Long for more analysis.)

If you missed the Accenture initial report from last week, see the TBR website.

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