Relaunched Security Benchmark highlights emerging security trends

TBR’s Security Benchmark makes its return to the data center portfolio this week, covering many of the current trends impacting the enterprise security market. With a new look and feel, the Security Benchmark now covers insights into emerging security trends, in addition to the traditional eight TBR segments of the enterprise security market. For example, in the upcoming report TBR explore the implications of the post-quantum world on RSA encryption and some IoT-centric security trends. Analysis and data on 25 strategic enterprise security vendors can be found in this report as well. See analysts Stephanie Long and Eric Costa for details.

Additional assessment publishing this week from our analyst teams

“As Accenture closes on another successful fiscal year, we are looking into how the newly appointed CEO, Julie Sweet, will make her mark on the company and its performance. In the meantime, we expect Accenture to continue diversifying its portfolio and global footprint to prepare itself for navigating the IT service market in the post-digital era. Investments in quantum and blockchain will accelerate as the company increases its use of automation to drive sustainable, nonlinear growth. While continuing to grow at a double-digit rate, Accenture’s cloud business is entering a phase of maturation, especially as the company seeks to solidify its relationships with key technology partners and buyers. Supporting multicloud environments through automated, fit-for-purpose IP and certified staff will help advance Accenture’s evolving relationship with IT.” Boz Hristov, Senior Analyst

Also this week, join Ezra Gottheil for a webinar on IoT: “IoT, a technique for applying technology to generate new outcomes, has been a focal point for a wide set of IT and operational technology vendors interested in being involved in the wave of digital transformation and driving new business. In 2019 vendors are starting to solidify unique go-to-market strategies and the construction of new ecosystems and channels is taking place.”

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