AI Impact on IT Infrastructure in 2024

Expectations for AI and IT Infrastructure

2023 was a challenging year for server and storage OEMs, marked by weak demand across enterprise and SMB customers. The market recovery at large will be a slow one in 2024, partially accelerated by the boom in demand for AI-enabled compute and, to a lesser extent, customers’ desire to rebalance their portfolios with less reliance on costly public cloud services.

Watch TBR Principal Analyst Angela Lambert Discuss Expectations for AI’s Impact on IT Infrastructure in 2024

Predictions for the IT Infrastructure Industry in 2024

Prediction: AI-enabled infrastructure will create opportunities for new solutions

Enterprises will rush to acquire as much AI-capable hardware as possible, opening doors for a new portfolio of consulting, design, implementation and managed services.

Prediction: Cloud customers are looking for ways to decrease IT complexity and cost

As public cloud rates continues to rise, enterprises will continue to reevaluate workload placement to optimize performance and cost.

Prediction: Coopetition will continue to bring true multicloud environments closer to reality

Vendors are increasing investments with the top three cloud providers to expand their presence in cloud marketplaces and revamp hybrid cloud solutions with new levels of automation and integration.


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