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Introducing XaaS Pricing — and 10 reasons why you should care

What is XaaS Pricing? XaaS Pricing was launched in 2021 as the industry’s first and only market research and data platform vendor solely focused on B2B Anything a Service (XaaS) pricing. Founded on over a decade of experience delivering best-in-class, tailored, competitive price benchmarking research, XaaS Pricing arms vendors, including existing TBR clients, with actionable […]

Will digital transformation be the catalyst for adoption of new outcome-based pricing models?

Every day I find myself reading about the developments happening in business-to-consumer (B2C) pricing. Here’s a sample of those that jumped out recently: Uber announced a feature that would allow more price-sensitive customers to wait longer for rides in exchange for cheaper fares. Disney recently pursued a similar approach, creating a “sneak peek” package of […]

Pricing research is not always about price

I recently read an article summarizing an onstage interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at the George Bush President Center. During the interview, Bezos described Amazon’s data mindset: “We have tons of metrics. When you are shipping billions of packages a year, you need good data and metrics: Are you delivering on time? Delivering on […]