Telecom industry will face an unprecedented level of uncertainty and risk in 2023

2023 will likely be one of the most uncertain and challenging periods in the telecom industry’s history. A confluence of negative shocks will concurrently impact the industry in 2023, with telcos and cablecos bearing the brunt of the impact and vendors suffering knock-on effects.


Join Principal Analyst Chris Antlitz Thursday, Feb. 9, at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST for an in-depth, exclusive review of Top 3 Predictions for Telecom in 2023, part of TBR’s 2023 Predictions series.


In this FREE webinar you’ll learn:

  • How inflation, rising interest rates and the impending global recession will impact the telecom industry
  • What post-peak communication service provider spend on 5G infrastructure means for the vendor community
  • Why and how certain U.S.-based cablecos are building their own cellular networks




Predictions is an annual TBR series examining market trends and business changes in key markets. 2023 covered segments include cloud & software, devices, digital transformation, IT infrastructure, professional services, federal IT services, and telecom.


Previous TBR webinars can be viewed anytime on TBR’s Webinar Portal. For additional information or to arrange a briefing with our analysts, please contact TBR at [email protected].

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