Navigating GenAI Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Transformation in 2024

In 2024 generative AI (GenAI) opportunities in the digital transformation (DT) space will continue to swing between enterprisewide and function-aligned models. Vendors with broad-based enterprise relationships will capture a new wave of DT growth as buyers seek guidance and support around their data to ensure it is in compliance and safe from cyber threats.

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  • How the establishment of more defined use cases around function- and/or department-aligned data will pave the way for GenAI as vendors seek to scale adoption across industries
  • How the launch of multiparty alliances beyond the traditional, preferred two-dimensional relationships and the rise of cobranded facilities can help promote these relationships and can deliver DT to customers in a package rather than through a multiphased approach
  • The research areas TBR’s Digital team will tackle in 2024

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